Reading is Amazing by *CSImadmax

this episode reminded me that I still have to finish a lot of good books that I don’t know why I stopped reading one day…I blame internet…

Are you reading a book guys?
currently I’m reading : Jules Verne. Two Years’ Vacation.

also before you ask me how that ladder can stay up there:
ladder = magic ladder


  • Digital Pony

    I’m always reading something, usually three or four things. At the moment:

    Absolution Gap, Alistair Reynolds
    The Line Upon a Wind, Noel Mosert
    Algorithms in C++, Part 5: Graph Algorithms, Robert Sedgwick

  • Naahdude

    I think this is the first comic with a ‘le’ in it that I’ve ever actually loved instantly.

    • Anonymous

      am I the only one that was bugged by the ‘le?’

  • Unanimous

    I was a little bugged by the “le”.