I think most people know the Story of the Blanks, a popular 8 bit style indie game that came out several months ago (and was winner of EquestriaGaming’s Creepypasta Game Contest).  The game was popular enough that it has spawn what I’d call a cult following since there is even fan art based on the game.

Template93 is currently the creator of the comic book adaptation, which will be 59 pages when completed.  The comic is still being worked on though, with page 40 being posted yesterday.  Its also a WIP and is only in the semi-final draft stage.  But still the awesomeness must be shared, and this is one project that should be brought to life fully.

Typically I transfer the comics over onto the news feed, but since its an unfinished project AND has so many pages, you can wander yourself over to Template93’s dA page.  Enjoy.

Comic:  Story of the Blanks by Template93

  • Anonymous

    I loved the game and this comic is pretty cool so far! It does a good job of capturing the same feelings felt during the game. Pretty much everything is just how I imagined it would look if it weren't 8-bit style.

    One little thing I don't really like is how some of the game's objectives were transferred to the comic, namely the way Applebloom just finds the key sitting on the ground.