Comic Synopsis – IDW #2 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

New information on the upcoming IDW My Little Pony Comics being written by Katie Cook and drawn by Andy Price. We’ve actually been collecting information about the comic book that has been randomly posted in the past several months since its announcement, but I felt this should go up rather than wait several more weeks. In that article we are hoping to speak with both Katie & Andy about the upcoming comics.

To review quickly though, there has been lots of talk about Volume 1 of the comics, featuring seven different covers, six drawn by Andy that can be put side by side to create one large picture and a seventh drawn by artist Jill Thompson. The comics will be available this November and are available for pre-order off some sites already (one that keeps cropping up is Legion of Comics, a UK based site for you guys over in the UK). We’ll find more for you when the due date nears.

For now IDW has released information about the synopsis of the 2nd comic. Behind the page break due to its spoiler style nature.

[Source: The Round Stable]

Queen Chrysalis has returned! Our ponies have no time to horse around, as they set off to rescue their friends from Chrysalis kingdom. What magical adventures await them, and where the heck is Princess Celestia?

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