CBR.com – Katie Cook & IDW bring MLP:FiM To Comics

Like Humans Do
by ~sevoohypred

We continue to follow the adventures of Katie Cook & Andy Price, the two people tasked with the job of producing a MLP:FiM comic and are well aware of the giant fanbase floating beneath them. Though I’ll say worry not, it sounds like IDW picked the right people for the job. Today is an article from Comic Book Resources in which they interview Katie about the upcoming project. A few quotes from the article.

As a fan, Cook understands the broad appeal of “Friendship Is Magic,” which has built a large cult following of adult male fans known as “Bronies,” along with its appeal to younger audiences. “I think the characters are strong and lovable, the stories are well-written, and there’s an underlying sense of humor to the show that’s very hip,” she said. “Kids enjoy it; adults enjoy it. It’s a great all-ages property now, and it’s not just for girls anymore.”

For more, read CBR’s Katie Cook and IDW Bring “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” To Comics

And since its Saturday, new update on Katie’s personal web comic, Gronk.


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