By: TheTooch

In other news, it’s taking me a little longer than expected to get into the swing of things around here. Personal life stuff decided to take the front seat when I dropped ponies off at the park. In due time friends, I’ll be back to 100% soon enough.

 I found another comic that was worth posting right away so im tagging it on! I’ll put it after this handy little break!

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By AdamRBi

In my vulnerable “first half hour after waking up” phase I had to hold back some manly tears on this one.

By Emlan

I seem to always nurse a semi whenever I emlan’s style. Applebloom with the baseball bat, how could you be frightned of that?

  • Luna-tic Scientist

    That last one was fantastic, Applebloom is perfect as an enforcer!

  • Anonymous

    The second one, oh man, I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Now I can't imagine it to be anything less than the absolute truth.