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Tonight on BronyState

Hey everyone, EverFree Radio has a big thing to announce: EFR staff musician MandoPony is working on a collaborative project with Michelle Creber, the voice artist for Applebloom and singing talent for Sweetie Belle. The tracks will premiere on the EFR ponystream on Thursday, February 16th at 9 PM EST/02:00 UTC. Keep watch for the songs going up for sale as well, as a portion of the proceeds will be going to the PLAN International “Because I am a Girl” campaign, to address the issue of gender inequality in developing countries and to promote women’s rights.

Also, there will be a release of two new Beatle Brony tracks after an hour-long Beatle Brony marathon on the PonyStream this Sunday, the 12th, at 7 PM EST. AJ the Engineer will also be there, as he is a guest artist on one of the tracks! They will be in the EverFree Radio IRC channel to answer questions and chat with the fans during the marathon, so be sure to join the IRC channel: #EverFree Radio on!

Don’t forget, as well, that it is 80’s week starting next week! We’re still accepting content, so flood them in! You’re all in for cheesy treats next week, so look out for that.

With many much of greets,

EverFree Radio

YouTube announcement via Michelle and Mando

MandoPony’s post on Everfree Radio

The Charity

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