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UNITE! by ~GordonFreeguy

You might remember the Ponies Live guys from a month ago, they did a 24 hour gaming marathon for the Humble Brony Bundle. They’re having another 24 hour marathon for Arts for Africa, and including interviews from various community members. DHN says thanks for the invite, just too bad no one is available this weekend. Copypasta from the Ponies Live site:


Hello friends! We are going to be doing a 24 hour charity video game mare-a-thon of Mount & Blade!

The target of all this goodwill will be the wonderful ‘Inked! Art for Africa’ charity effort organised by Maddy Peters, the incomparable voice of Scootaloo. The fun will begin at our stream this Saturday evening at 6 PM EST (3 PM Pacific, midnight CET), and it will continue through Sunday evening at 6 PM EST (3 PM Pacific, midnight CET). On Sunday at noon, the stream will be cross-promoting Bronies for Good’s wonderful ‘Seeds of Kindness’ effort.

This is a cooperative effort, including some of the biggest names in the brony community. In addition to the TPM and Ponies Live, we’ve got interviewers from Everfree Radio and The Brony Show. They will be providing interview services to all the various guests who will be calling into the livestream during this 24-hour period.

There will also be prizes given out! For each ten dollars donated, you will be put into a raffle to win a full paid trip to either Bronycon or EverfreeNW!

We are going to help them reach their $10,000 goal! There is about $4800 to go bronies! See after the break for full details!

The link to the charity is right here! To Donate, Please use the chip-in widget below the stream!

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