Community Plugs: PonyChat, BronyNews & Canterlot Forums

Oh Derpy, that’s not jello.  I’ve had several people ask me to help them plug their websites on my site, and it would just be cruel to not help out the fair community.  So since we a drawing so close to the new season, and someone needs to find a spot to chill and enjoy ponies with everyone else, you might want to check these sites out.

PonyChat is the new IRC on the block.  From what I’ve been told when this place started up and tried to recruit from the Geekshed server, the admins freaked out and banned a shit ton of people.  So much of the Geekshed population has migrated here (and can be seen via #bronystate that has about 500 in it atm).  The main room of the server is #brony, and our site will have a channel under the obvious #derpyhooves, though beware I’m pretty idletastic when it comes to IRC.  But I’ll be hanging out there (and other places) tomorrow for the show.

Into all things about the fandom and the show.  Well you can catch the Brony News broadcast.  They discuss the show and the fandom, and like many of the live shows wander around into different areas, or just totally goof off.  Definitely worth checking out.

I know I had these guys posted up just a few short weeks ago, but if you’re into roleplaying and looking for a pony community to get your rp groove on, then you can check out  Their forums are setup to be RP friendly, and of course are looking for people to join in on the fun.

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