Community Wednesdays #03 – Bronyville #49, Everfree Radio & SFWeekly Review

Bronyville 049 – Friendship Background Pony

Dear Princess Celestia,
I’m writing this letter seeking out your help. My poor cousin AJ seems to get a bad rap this week and I wanted to see if you could do anything to help the 3rd best pony stand out. Perhaps a festive hat or a goodwill balloon ride? After that’s handled you can listen to our show this week which features Mr. Poniator and our usual Midnight Shadow. We talk about the basics of flash, a ton of upcoming international pony merch, and the plight that has befallen Twist!

Apple Cider

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Episode Review

EverFree Radio released their review of MMMystery on the Friendship Express full of reference analyses and Twilight Sparkle in a hat. Also released is a review of the fanfic A Game of Twits by Cassius, featuring guest reviewer Andrew J Talon, author of Progress.

Listen in and stay tuned, because EverFree Radio has a lot of awesome things lined up for you all in the coming months. Things that will blow your minds. Many of them coming from their programs. So keep a watchful eye on their Programming page!

Episode Review:
Fanfic Review:
Programming Page:

Radiant Eclipse

Radiant Eclipse is an in-depth, segment-based talkshow produced by the creators of Equestrian Tides exclusively for EverFree Radio! Tune in every Sunday for the show, and visit the program page and their blog for more information on the awesome people who run it!

Every Sunday @ 14:00 CDT

EFR Post

PREMIERE: Equestria Inquirer Today!

Equestria Inquirer is a news program that will bring the hard-hitting stories, from the revelations of Twilight’s anti-union magic policies to the continuing conflict of Rainbow Dash’s declaration as a Weapon of Mass Destruction and her defiance of the Equestrian Armed Forces. Their new videos will premiere weekly on EFR’s livestream (while chatting live on the IRC!), and they will release the videos on Youtube and newspaper articles on their DeviantArt afterwards!

Visit their program page for more information!

Every Wednesday @ 19:00 CDT

Season 1 Reviews

Season 1 – Episode 19 & 20 Review

My Little Pony: FiM S1 Reviews by Sherilyn Connelly

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