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Seems over the last month or so, we’ve gathered up a backlog of convention announcements. So instead of flooding our feeds, we shall present them in a combo article.


Crystal Fair 2014 has announced its venue, date and ticket sales

Helsinki, 16.12.2012. The main website for the Crystal Fair convention has been made available to the public. The organizing party is proud to announce that Finlandia Hall will act as the venue for the convention. It is situated in central Helsinki right beside Töölö bay and can be easily accessed by all modes of public transportation from all over the capital area.

Crystal Fair 2014 is a 3-day long convention and will take place between the 4th and the 6th of July, 2014.

Ticket sales have begun. Individuals interested in attending the convention are advised to purchase them as early as possible.

Those desiring to know more about the convention, the venue, the organizing party or wish to purchase tickets are invited to visit the convention’s main page:



Congrats on surviving the apocalypse everybody! Disappointed you didn’t end up transported to Equestria? Well how about the next best thing – joining all your friends in the fandom in Cloudsdale (aka Washington, DC) for Cloudsdale Congress.

Taking place at the Holiday Inn in Old Town Alexandria, March 9-10th, Cloudsdale Congress is the Mid-Atlantic con thats set to take our nation by storm (no actual hurricanes planned, or so the weather ponies tell us).

Registration is now opened at our website, Tickets are just $35, but they’ll go fast. Not only can you register for your badge, but you can help us make Cloudsdale Congress 20% Cooler! Contribute to our Kickstarter to get some exclusive swag and you’ll help us expand our programming and provide you with an even better weekend! Every dollar earned means a bigger, better convention we can bring you!

We’re very excited to announce musical guests like Silva Hound and Coconeru, meaning the beats will be pumping and hooves will be grooving. Not only will you get to show up Twilight Sparkle on the dance floor at our concert, but you can relax throughout the day in our music cafe with intimate acoustic performances by other soon-to-be-announced artists. Don’t worry, we’ve got even more acts lined up, to be announced soon.

Lending their talented voices to our convention panels, we’ve also got the lovely Hannah May and Emily Koch, members of Silly Filly Studios and Double Rainboom. If you want to hear some high quality pony, these ladies are the best outside DHX.

We’re still open for panel submissions, artist/vendor tables and musician applications, so if you’d like to submit an idea for a panel, sign up for Artists Alley or participate in our concert or cafe, then head right over to our website and select the Contact tab.

We hope to see you at Cloudsdale Congress this March for a weekend celebration of all the amazing people in our community. So grab your wings, brush up on those flight spells or find a balloon – the sky’s the limit!



Dear loyal subjects,

we got another signup open for you – Two of them, in fact! We are now looking for vendors and panelists! Goods, art, music and events are important aspects of a con, after all, and we hope to fill ours with the best we can get!

If you want to sell items at GalaCon, please read on .

And if you want to bring something to the stage at GalaCon, head over .

Of course our volunteer application is still open. If you want to be a part of GalaCon head over .

We are very much looking forward to your applications and suggestions!

Best wishes and happy holidays,

Your GalaCon team


We’re happy to have caught Purple Kecleon as a featured artist and guest! While her major focus is Pokémon art, she’s also been drawing plenty of ponies lately, and will be selling her popular MLP buttons at her table. She will also be hosting a panel about digital speed painting. You can check out her work on DeviantArt, and follow her on Twitter @papayakitty.

Emily Jones is the host for Everfree Network’s Pegasisters Live! Every week on Sunday at 10 PM EST, her and her wonderful co-host, Sondra Weisberg, go live on Everfree Network as they discuss the latest on everything pony related, share Emily’s favorite remixes, and interview well known community members, writers, animators, and VAs. Aside from her show work, Emily also sings and voices in a few animation roles that will be premiering in 2013 including an album offered to raise money for Kiki’s charity fund! You can find Emily on Twitter @namineahtellai and listen to Emily on her YouTube, FlutterTreeMuffin.

Summer Hayes will also be joining us! Perhaps best known among pony toy collectors, she is the founder of the original My Little Pony Fair, which is entering its tenth year. Hercollectors’ inventory books have become the reference standard for pony toy collectors. G4 fans might also recognize her from an article in Collectors Weekly last June, where she was interviewed along with Equestria Daily founder Sethisto, and of all people, Andrew W.K. Summer will be bringing some copies of her newest collector’s book to TrotCon.


The crew over at BronyCAN is looking for some help with funds of the very first Canadian based MLP convention.

They are currently having a fund raiser drive being held of Indieagogo, information can be found here:


Greetings, dear pony friends!
We are pleased to announce that registration for Dealer’s Tables will open tomorrow, Sunday January 6th at 7PM Pacific TIme. Last year we brought you one of the biggest collections of My Little Pony fan merchandise under one roof, from homemade crafts to a stunning selection of truly unique fan artwork. This year will be no different and that we have more space than ever before to accommodate this year’s vendors. A Dealer’s Table is priced at $80 and entitles you to a full weekend membership in the convention as well. We also issue Helper Badges, which gives another person of your choosing access to the Dealer’s Room and allows them to help sell at your table. Please be advised Helper Badges must be issued to an attendee who has already paid and are not a membership in themselves. For more information, we encourage you to send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions. While we have more space than last year, space for dealers is still limited, so hurry down to tomorrow evening and grab that table. We can’t wait to see you all there!

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