Convention Digest #01 – Bronycon / Canterlot Gardens / EverfreeNW

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Conventions, conventions everywhere.

DHN is going to set some guidelines on the way conventions are handled around here, due to the volume and posts. Seems we’re not the only ones who have compacted them down into a single post, so I felt the need to make a statement as to how this place is going to handle conventions, considering I have a chunk of readers who do not enjoy them at all, but I’m not one to kick other people’s funs.

We are only going to be announcing conventions only, meetups are something we’ve never done around here, I’m sure EqD will be happy to post about your meetup in their Nightly Roundup. Conventions which have yet to be announced on this site, you will get your own singular post as we’ve done with previous conventions. This includes Trotcon and Midwestria which were posted in this article. Afterwards any updates on guests or the events will be placed in the Convention Digest posts, that will be scheduled for Fridays. Otherwise all these updates could cause issues. No con will be held over the other, the spaghetti shall be sauced evenly.

We at BronyCon are pleased to announce that Lee Tockar, the voice of Steven Magnet and Snips, will be in attendance at BronyCon June 2012!  Lee has done voice work for a number of animated productions- Most notably his work with the Mobile Suit Gundam, Sonic the Hedgehog, Megaman, and Stargate franchises.  BronyCon is delighted to add such a talented voice actor to our summer lineup, and we can’t wait to see you all this June!

It is official! Canterlot Gardenshas now opened it’s gates for pre-registration!Click here to reserve your space in the GardensCanterlot Gardens is being held at the Holiday Inn at Cleveland-Strongsville, Ohio on September 28th – 30th. Pre-con badge pickup will be available on the evening of Thursday, September 27th.

In addition to our already confirmed guest of honor, devteam Mane 6; We are now able to confirm that popular musician Tarby will also be in attendance at the Gardens for both panels and a musical performance!

Registration costs $35 dollars for a 3-day pass, and $15 dollars for each individual daily pass. In addition to this, kids under the age of 13 get in free with the paid admission of their adult guardian.

Canterlot Gardens is focused on being a community-drive

Over here at Everfree Northwest, we are proud to announce a very special community guest! Flying in all the way from Trottingham (ahem, the UK), AcousticBrony is officially heading to Everfree to hang with all you bronies and play a set or two of epic pony tunes! Note that this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to musical talent at Everfree, so keep an eye out for many more names in the coming weeks as the convention nears!
Badges are still available, so be sure to grab yours while you can:

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