Name: Grand Galloping Gala Con

Location: DJH Stuttgart International, Germany

Time: August 11th & 12th 2012


Full announcement after the page break.

My dearest subjects,

We are very proud to announce the first Galacon in Stuttgart, Germany – A convention for fans of Hasbro’s “My Little Pony™: Friendship is Magic” franchise. On August 11th and 12th, the DJH Stuttgart International will be the place where everypony should be. Up to 400 ponies from all across Europe can come. We will have the best night ever.

The main event of the convention will be the Gala Ball on Saturday to please her royal majesty Celestia. Speaking of special someponies, we are very proud to announce some of our guests of honour:

SweBow – Head of the anticipated “Legends of Equestria” MMORPG will present the game live at the Gala and will show its special features.

Mr. Poniator – You might have seen one of his episode summaries. Combining Flash animation skills and a good sense of humour, he puts a new twist on your favorite MLP episodes. You can also expect that he has something prepared for the Gala.

KeepOnRockin’Brony – The Neighterlands have more to offer than tulips and windmills. KeepOnRockin’Brony will rock the Gala with DnB and more. It will be a musical extravaganza.

Kiyoshiii – Even though nopony knows how many “i”s are in his name, he is the Rarity of Art for the Gala. Everything from our con pony, Canni, to the promo art arose from his creative mind.
Ticket registration will open at the end of April. For information and more, feel free to visit and leave a note.

Your faithfully,

Galacon Staff

  • Derpy you had a small number twist (since it was right in the press note) – The gala will be on August 11th and 12th, not 12th and 13th.