• BronyCon: Full Schedule and Additional Thursday Activities
  • EPCU: Merch Challenge Winners
  • BronyCAN: More Musicians and New Message Board
  • GalaCon: Get Ready to Gala
  • BUCK: Assorted Updates
  • Running of the Leaves Convention: Introduction

BronyCon: Full Schedule and Additional Thursday Activities


BronyCon is proud to reveal our full programming schedule for BronyCon 2013! Get ready for a weekend packed to the brim with over 150 panels and events! Our interactive online schedule allows you to easily see what’s happening in each of our many programming rooms at any given time. Enjoy hundreds of hours of community programming in our five panel rooms, watch your favorite pony videos in the Baltimare Theater, bring the kids to the Crusader Clubhouse, stop by our Stable Top Games room, or just hang out in the Quills and Sofa lounge. With so much variety in our programming, BronyCon truly has something for everyone. The complete schedule can be found here.

BronyCon is also thrilled to announce another unique opportunity for those arriving in Baltimore a little early: an exclusive brony cake decorating class with world renowned Charm City Cakes! Is there a more perfect way to celebrate your visit to Baltimore, and BronyCon 2013 than your very own My Little Pony themed cake? Veteran cake decorator, Mary Smith, will be your guide through this magical class, as you learn professional cake decorating techniques and create your own delicious pony masterpiece. This event will be held Thursday, August 1st at 6:30 PM. There will be a cost of $150 per participant, ages 16 and up. Space is limited, so reserve your spot now by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject “Brony Cake Class”. More information can be found here.

And remember, pre-registration closes on July 15th, which means there is less than a week to get your Three Day Pass for $70! Prices at the door will be $5 higher, so act now and buy your ticket to the largest brony convention of all time. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, as we continue to make even more exciting announcements in the final days leading up to the convention!

EPCU: Merch Challenge Winners


Greetings everypony!

Our EPCU Merch challenge has ended. We have gone through all the submissions, and we are finally ready to announce our winners! We had some really great entries, and it was hard to choose from the entrants, but now we have our final four!

Each convention used criteria important to them to choose a winner for this amazing prize.

BronyDays’ winner, for a Fancy Ticket, is: Pidi

Crystal Fair’s winner, for a Gold Sponsor Ticket, is: NorthernCross

GalaCon’s winner, for a BIZAAM Ticket, is: Atelok

BUCK’s winner, for a 20% Cooler & SSC Ticket, is: Siora

So what happens now?

It’s quite straightforward! All winners will receive a private message on the Eurobronies.org forum, which will include details on how to get a hold of their chosen ticket!

Congratulations everypony and thank you for participating. We’ll see you at the conventions!

The EPCU Team, and the Con Mascots

BronyCAN: More Musicians and New Message Board

Hey everyone,

First off, BronyCAN is now teaming up with MLP Forums / Poniverse, and as part of our agreement we now have a message board outlet! Want to ask us questions or arrange travel plans with your friends? Feel free to post here:

Secondly, we’ve got another announcement as we have signed on more musicians set to perform at BronyCAN! The line-up now includes Starborne, DJ Tetsuo, HeyLasFas, and Additive Subtractive!

starborneStarborne is known for her melodic vocal work, soothing piano and wonderful collaborations; expect a musical treat for the discerning ear accompanied by beautiful vocals.

djtetsuodjtetsuo. is a master of four decks, and his freestyle and live mashups leave every performance a different experience. Expect him to hype up the crowd with his antics, regardless of who is on stage.

HeyLasFasHeyLasFas is no stranger to brony conventions, their prog-rock and hard rock sounds having delighted bronies at a plethora of conventions already. Expect guitar riffs and solid rock drums during their performance.

Additive SubtractiveAdditive Subtractive brings the bass with his hardcore stabs and heavy beatlines. His music will bring anyone familiar with the rave scene back to the days of glowsticks and whistles.

BronyCAN welcomes these musicians on board and we eagerly await the showcase of their talent during our concert, featuring other names such as Silva Hound, Donn Devore, and Fen Pony, all set to the wonderful lasering of Felyx Lasers.

Don’t forget to pre-order the North Equestrian Summer Sun album put together by these attending musicians as well! All sales of this album go towards the travel and lodging expenses of our attending performers:

We would like to remind everyone that those interested in registering for BronyCAN may do so via our website: http://www.bronycan.com/registration.html

As well, anyone looking to purchase a hotel room for the event is encouraged to use our special promo code “BRONYCAN” to get an awesome discount exclusive to our attendees. (Free gift basket full of pony merch, Wi-Fi, airport shuttle, and parking included in price!): http://www.bronycan.com/hotel

If you book a room at our hotel, the Executive Airport Plaza, you will be entered into our Hotel Booking Draw: http://www.bronycan.com/contest.html You could win an invite to our VIP dinner with our guests and staff, your hotel room, your two-day weekend pass, and a $100 gift certificate to spend on meals!

Finally, we’ve got many more great announcements on the way, so make sure to keep tabs on our message board: http://mlpforums.com/forum/111-bronycan/, follow us on Tumblr: http://ask-bronycan.tumblr.com, follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/BronyCAN, like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BronyCAN, and keep an eye on our website for the most up-to-date BronyCAN news!

GalaCon: Get Ready to Gala

Good to see you all again.

In just three weeks Ludwigsburg will host GalaCon and we know that you’re waiting impatiently for the 3rd of August. Before the Best Night Ever happens, we have some information for you:

Gala Evening

No matter what, there will never be a proper GalaCon without the grand event that gave it its name – The Gala Evening!

While we’re happy that people gave us good feedback about last year’s gala evening, there was still room for improvement, and GalaCon 2013 will fill that as much as possible. A Galloping Gala should be actually grand, too, and we believe we can deliver!

Live music by AcousticBrony, DJ performances by HMage and the chance to dress up, mingle and dance awaits you. The Gala Ball will not cost any additional admission or fees. We’re all bronies, so we’re all partying at the highest level. Simply make sure you’re there in time dressed appropriately and you’re in for a grand evening!

More information regarding the programme and the dress code can be found on our website here. Make sure you check it out if you’re interested.

We hope to see you all at the gala!

Venue Maps and Time Table

Getting lost at a convention can happen to the best of us – At least without a proper map! Don’t worry – You won’t have to draw the map yourself! Here is the floor plan with a specialized map for the vendors, and you can finally plan your weekend with our handy time table!

With this you will be all set for the weekend and can concentrate on preparing your costumes, your luggage and travel. Shortly before the convention itself you can download the full convention guide as a PDF, which will also be available in printed form at the venue.

Tickets and Streaming

As you might have read on our homepage, we are sold out – we thank you all for your trust and hope that you all will have a good time during your stay in Germany! BIZAAM and PLUS ticket holders will be able to check in on Friday afternoon and fetch their goodie bags, check-in for regular tickets will start on Saturday at 8am CEST – two hours before the venue opens. No tickets will be sold at the door.

At this point, we can also announce that members of the Pony Free Press will provide convention coverage containing interviews with our guests of honour, and our main events will be streamed by Ponyville Live! – recordings of all other panels will be available on our YouTube channel after the convention.

For those with slower internet or just mobile access our own documentary team will liveblog the convention with photos and insights at our Google+ Community. You can follow everything on the go on any iOS or Android-based cellphone.

Cosplay Contest

Sadly, it didn’t come together last year, but that doesn’t mean we’ve given up on it – GalaCon 2013 will host a proper cosplay contest! We hope for plenty of submissions this year, so don’t be shy – Give our cosplay format and rules a look. The more enter, the merrier – Take a look!

Art Gallery

Our gallery has plenty of room left – Apply with your favorite piece of pony art or craft. You have a good chance of getting a spot and amazing the crowd! Find out more on our Art Gallery page.

Remember that we can also print your work if shipping it in time for the con is not possible. Bringing your art personally to the event is also fine!

Remember to tell us if you want your piece back after the con or if you agree to sending it into the Charity Auction!

A very exciting weekend is before us – Together, we will make this the best GalaCon yet! We can’t wait!

Your GalaCon team

BUCK: Assorted Updates

  1. Winners for the EPCU Merch Contest announced!We have gone through all the submissions, and we are finally ready to announce our winners! We had some really great entries, and it was hard to choose from the entrants, but now we have our final four!Congratulations to SIORA for winning a BUCK 20% Cooler and Summer Sun Celebration ticket!

    We’re also giving runners up khaosSparkz and Pegamum free Summer Sun Celebration tickets!

    BronyDays’ winner, for a Fancy Ticket, is: Pidi

    Crystal Fair’s winner, for a Gold Sponsor Ticket, is: NorthernCross

    GalaCon’s winner, for a BIZAAM Ticket, is: Atelok

    All winners will receive a private message on the Eurobronies.org forum, which will include details on how to get a hold of their chosen ticket.

  2. Princess Britannia Fan Art Challenge launched!
    All details here : http://www.buckcon.org/princess-britannia-fan-art-challenge/
  3. Two amazing new Hot Minutes released featuring Cluttershy and TeiThePony and Pipsqueak! These can be seen here:
  4. BUCK After Party tickets are now SOLD OUT! Other tickets can still be purchased at http://www.buckcon.org/tickets/

Thanks for reading!

Running of the Leaves Convention: Introduction

Running of the Leaves Convention is an upcoming brony convention being held in Denver, Colorado from October 31st-November 3rd at the Ramada Plaza. Guests such as Yaplap and brony cosplayer Lochlan O’Neil have already been announced as well as a Nightmare Night party, several panels, a rave, and a ballroom dance. More info can be found on their website or facebook page.