Convention Junction #21: GalaCon

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  • GalaCon: Gala Evening Music Note

GalaCon: Gala Evening Music Note

Dear friends,

With just one week to go until GalaCon 2013, we are pleased to reveal even more details on our fabulous Gala Evening!

While last year’s Gala Evening was good, we’ve taken on board your feedback to make this truly the best night ever! As mentioned before, the Gala Evening is split into two parts, a formal dance – bringing to mind the event which the Gala Evening takes its name from – and a massive party, featuring some of the best modern music the fandom has to offer!

Both parts of the evening will last for a full two hours each – we would have done more if time allowed for it, but we think you’ll still have a lot of time to experience both. There will be a short break between the two parts to give you a chance to catch your breath and change your outfit.

The formal Gala Ball is all about grandeur and elegance, featuring slow music, classic dances, and giving you an opportunity to mingle and relax. AcousticBrony will be there to play a set of their greatest hits, specially adapted for the evening!





Afterwards, the volume will be turned up to 11 as our amazing party gets going! Thorinair, the host of A State of Brony – also known for his remixes of Deae Lunae and For The New Lunar Republic – and his co-host HMage – also known for his remix of Flutterwonder and his contribution to Balloon Party – will be on-stage to provide an amazing mix of all the best electronic music the fandom has to offer!

Remember that there is a dress code for the formal part of the Gala Evening, and you can find the details of this on the Gala Evening page on our website. Also remember that our full time table is also now available to view.

Sadly, PengWin Brony has had to cancel his appearance at GalaCon, meaning that the Song Lyrics workshop will not be going ahead as scheduled. We are hopeful about working with him for next year’s GalaCon.

Your GalaCon Team

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