Convention Junction – April 24th 2013

Everfree Northwest: PMV Contest

Everfree Northwest PMV Contest 2: Return of the Revenge

The Everfree Northwest PMV contest is back and it’s better than ever! This year will have not one, but two PMV categories. That’s right ponies, this year we’re doubling up on the categories! That means double the prizes, double the videos, and double the fun!

The first category and the returning champion is the Pony Music Video! Mix some music with some Friendship is Magic and serve; need I say more? Joining the music video this year is our second category, the non-music Pony Movie Video! Take non-music audio from your favorite source or make your own, and just add some pony! Mash several clips together, do an extended segment, the choice is yours!

The contest is simple; simply submit a PMV published after Febuary 3rd to Everfree Northwest’s contest email, [email protected], via download link. This year’s cut-off deadline is June 16th. Submissions will be played during an event in the Crystal Ballroom, followed by a panel announcing our winners. Prizes will be awarded to the best PMVs of the bunch!

Remember to keep it convention friendly, but aside that, go nuts! Let your creativity and imagination run wild. Create the next great music video, or an awesome comedy sketch. Maybe you should ponify a new movie trailer, or try having our favorite multi-colored equines dance to a funky beat. The choice is yours!

Be sure to read up on the official contest rules. If you have any questions, need clarification, want to make sure your PMV is adhering to content guidelines, or anything else relating to the PMV contest, please email us at Everfree Northwest at [email protected]

Nerd-Kon 2014: Early Bird Registration Open


We’ll guys Nerd-Kon 2013 was a blast! Thanks to all my staff and all the amazing guests and attendees that really help build on this community we are creating and have created.

So without further delay the winner of best pirate crew of 2013 at Nerd-Kon…..

It’s a tie between Convergence and The B Pirates Convergence had the most stolen flags, however The Butt Pirates definitely had a serious amount of energy and drive. So we definitely have to call this a tie.

We will be expanding more on this concept next year!

Now as a special gift to all of you who attended and maybe those of you who wanted to but were unable to. Starting now until Friday we have reopened registration for Nerd-Kon 2014 where you can Pre-reg for the con for $25 for all 3 days there are also discounted artists and vendor prices as well.

Also if you are unable to attend next year and still want to support you are welcome to donate to the con to help make things happen. Everything from badges to schedules to meeting space cost. So even the smallest donation helps make the con go.

So once again thanks for all the support and as we start getting more info on Nerd-Kon III: The New World we will keep you apprised. Make sure you check out our new page Nerd-Kon on facebook so you can stay linked up. Our new website will be up soon.

Love you all!


(Click here to register)

Everfree Northwest: Patron and Supporter Badges

We want to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to those who purchased a Sponsor Badge at Everfree 2012. Your support and your belief in us was in no small part what made us so successful last year.

This year, we’re bringing you two different tiers of premium membership: the Patron Badge and the Supporter Badge. These special badges will not only help us bring you the most fun-packed weekend possible–with more special guests and even bigger events–but it will also give you some benefits unique to holders of these badges.

At $100, the Patron Badge is a full three day pass to our convention, but also includes a t-shirt and a special mention in our collectable convention book.

The $350 Supporter Badge is our limited, premier membership and includes all the perks of the above Patron Badge as well as the following:

  • 3 Autograph Vouchers for the VIP of your choosing
  • A short message of your choice printed in our conbook
  • A specially-drawn, limited edition print
  • Access to our exclusive Supporter Lounge
  • Priority Position in Event & Autograph Lines

It means the world to us when so many go the extra mile in supporting what we do at Everfree Northwest. And don’t forget that Pre-Registration officially closes July 16th so hurry now and sign up! To register for a Patron or Supporter Badge now, please visit:

Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and keep on your hooves for more exciting news to come from Everfree Northwest!

DerpyCon South: Various Updates

DerpyCon South: Beignet

DerpyCon South has a new mascot, Beignet, plus other announcements

DerpyCon South in New Orleans just finished overhauling their website with a new look. They also made a couple of announcements:

  • The first early bird rate of $30 is about to end on Sat, Apr 20th at 11:59pm CDT. After that, Standard Membership will be $35 for the weekend.
  • We’re offering a promotion right now that automatically upgrades the first 50 people to book in our hotel room block (at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside) from Standard Members to Sponsor Members. Check the website for details:
  • We also released a new promo video:

Cutie Mark Con: Announcing PackBreakers

Cutie Mark Con: PackBreakers

Cutie Mark Con, the Greater Cincinnati Area’s premier My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Convention has just received some great news. PackBreakers will be at Cutie Mark Con! They will be showing off new My Little Pony cards and new special My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic card products from Enterplay. You read correctly, new My Little Pony Cards and Card Products! Currently, we can only wonder and speculate as to what signature promotional My Little Pony card might be released. Nevertheless, for now make sure you register. Because, as Rainbow Dash might put it, “Cutie Mark Con has everything you’re looking for in a con. Cards, crafts, panels, style, coolness, awesomeness, and radicalness.” Cutie Mark Con is going on May 31st through June 2nd at the Crowne Plaza North in Cincinnati, Oh.

To register and get more information about Cutie Mark Con please check out our website at:

Cutie Mark Con: Earth Week Sale

Citie Mark Con: Earth Week

Paperwork is a tree’s greatest nightmare, so in honor of Earth Day, Fluttershy got into our servers and gave our new attendees a deal! Buy your badge between this Thursday at noon and Saturday at five til midnight and get five bucks off the badge price! She is only taking a break from her animal friends for this three day period, so hurry up and confirm your attendance to what is shaping up to be the event of the year!

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