Convention Junction – July 1st, 2013

  • Everfree Northwest: Music Guest Update
  • BronyCon: BronyCon’s Fire Sale
  • Psygriffio: EFNW Charity Auction Piece: Project Elemental

Everfree Northwest: Music Guest Update

Everfree Music Track Update

Unfortunately, two of Everfree Northwest’s guest musicians, MandoPony and Ibeabronyrapper, will not be able to attend the convention this year and have dropped out of Ponystock 2013. But do not fear, music lovers, because we’re happy to announce two new additions to our Ponystock 2013’s lineup: Kella-Bo-Bella and The Living Tombstone!

The Living Tombstone:

Arguably one of the most notable and prevalent artists in the fandom, the Living Tombstone has become a name known to bronies the world over. Known for such hit songs as “Good Old Days” and his remix of Eurobeat’s “Discord,” Tombstone is looking to bring down the house in Seattle! YouTube/SoundCloud/Bandcamp


Hailing from Las Vegas, Kella-Bo-Bella is a seasoned acoustic guitar player with a soulful voice that is sure to keep you cheering for more. Kella is looking to leave her mark in her debut performance at Everfree Northwest, so be sure you check her out at Ponystock! SoundCloud/Bandcamp

Also, don’t forget to check out our charity album, “Road to Everfree”. Each song was created by a performing musician at this year’s Everfree Northwest and includes pieces by Silva Hound, Cyril The Wolf, ThatSonOfAMitch, Mic The Microphone, and others! All profits go toward aiding our musicians with their flight accommodations, so if you can, please give them a hand on their road to Everfree Northwest!

Keep up to date on Everfree Northwest news and announcements by following us on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and tumblr.

BronyCon: BronyCon’s Fire Sale


Blaze into Baltimore with BronyCon’s Fire Sale

To commemorate the BronyCon Summer 2012, which had 4,000 attendees in Secaucus, N.J., BronyCon is offering a sale on its badges for its event in Baltimore this summer.

On the same days as last year’s BronyCon, June 30 and July 1, you can get your badge at the discounted price of $65! This badge is good for all three days from Aug. 2-4 at BronyCon.

This is the last sale that BronyCon will be having until the pre-registration cut-off date—July 15, so save a few bits and register before the lowest price available for BronyCon burns out like a filament! This will be the very last sale to be had on BronyCon registration.

In order to register with the discounted rate, go to BronyCon’s registration page June 30 through July 1 and select the option that says “Summer Sun Sale Three Day Pass.” Keep up to date with the latest announcements for BronyCon on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Psygriffio: EFNW Charity Auction Piece: Project Elemental

Not a submission from the convention itself, but I’m always happy to promote a charity auction.

Hello Everyone,

I’d received a few requests to showcase the necklace/box from a few additional perspectives; so I’ve enclosed a collage image for just that. Feel free to use if you’d like to help promote for the upcoming convention/charity auction next Saturday.

Please let me know if you need any additional images and or perspectives.

Many Thanks,


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