Convention Junction – March 11th 2013

Again conventions have send in announcements rich and plentiful.

Find them after the break.

GalaCon Announcing JanAnimations and John Joseco


Dearest friends,

Spring is just around the corner and preparations for GalaCon are blooming. Remember the video JanAnimations did a while ago for us? Did you enjoy it and want to say thank you to Jan? Then do this and meet JanAnimations personally at this year’s GalaCon!

And also, just like we promised last year, John Joseco will be joining us as well! The artwork of the different generations of Canni featured on our website was drawn by him!

If you want to keep track of everything related to GalaCon, check the following links.

Best regards,
your GalaCon-Team

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GalaCon on Google+

Cloudsdale Brony Convention Launching Indiegogo

Denver, February 26, 2013: A group of Colorado Bronies today announce CloudsdaleCon, a new Brony Convention in Denver, Colorado. The place where the convention will be held is still unknown, but the staff has said that they are aiming to hold the con in early 2014.

“Right now,” says Lochlan O’Neil, one of the Convention organizers, “We really need to raise money. We hope to have a great convention and unless we want to have a fallout like Los Pegasus, we are going to have to work hard to get everything put together.” CloudsdaleCon has set up a group fundraising site on Indiegogo which can be found here:

CloudsdaleCon’s aim is to bring together Bronies from Colorado and surrounding states for a fun time. Events such as “The Rave-bow Factory” and “Breakfast with the Background Ponies” are being planned. Kyle Krawiec, one of the main art directors says, “We are putting a lot of work into the art and website (we have a temporary one up for now) and I’m sure that this will be a great con. Even if you can donate money, and volunteering would be a huge help.”

A lot of things need to be done in order for this con to be a success. A location needs to be decided on, guests need to be booked. “We really need to get the word out,” says O’Neil, “We need vendors, DJs, panelists, etc. Anything anyone can do would be a big help.”

If interested in assisting CloudsdaleCon with their endeavors, please visit their website at or email the staff at [email protected]

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Cutie Mark Con Announcing Wrestling is Magic and Angry Changelings


Wrestling is Magic: Pro Wrestling Tournament

Root for your favorite competitor as they pony up their tactical prowess in this CMC exclusive. Bring out your signs and all the noise to cheer on your favorite competitor.

Cheer the loudest or have the best sign for a chance that not only that your favorite wins, but win a prize for the loudest fan!

Join us for this first Ever Event for a MLP Convention!

Some one is going down. Friday Evening of Cutie Mark Con 2013. Let’s just say it’s Friday night’s MANE Event!


Angry Changelings!

The fate of the Crystal Empire, neigh, the whole of Equestria needs your help to defend against the changeling invasion. May your aim ring true in this precision toss event in the Equestrian Games!

A live action game based on the raving popular Angry Birds series!

BronyCon Finalizes BronyPalooza


BronyCon Finalizes BronyPalooza — 2 Days, 12 hours, 33 Musicians

Last but not least, BronyCon has finalized its extensive and legendary lineup for BronyPalooza 2013, the largest brony concert in the world that covers a wide range of musical genres.

The demand this year was so great with an overwhelming 89 hours of performance time requested that BronyCon has decided to extend BronyPalooza across two days of the convention, Friday and Saturday, Aug. 2-3, for a total concert time of 12 hours.

After making incredibly tough decisions of who to select from the 150 applicants, BronyCon is excited to expand its performance list to 33 musicians with the addition of Assertive Fluttershy, Metajoker, Jeff Burgess, Flaedr, PhillyPu, Chain Algorithm, dBPony, Replacer and Feather.

The Baltimore Convention Center also offers the space for BronyPalooza to accommodate an audience of 6,000 bronies—which is enough to fit the entire attendance of BronyCon Summer 2012 with plenty of room to spare!

For a full list of musicians, visit the BronyPalooza page, which also has musician bios and samples of their music. BronyPalooza can only be attended with your admission to BronyCon.

Tara Strong’s “Take My Hand” Exclusive Limited Edition Prerelease at Big Apple Ponycon

takemyhand-oc-dress - with text - version 2 - 600x600

Tara Strong’s awesomely uplifting, toe-tappingly catchy pop jam ‘Take My Hand’ is slated for a special LIMITED EDITION release at upcoming New York City convention Big Apple Ponycon (Mar 23-24, 2013)! This limited-edition run of 100 copies will feature unique cover art by brony art legend Egophiliac— not just on the cover card, but on the CD itself. Plus, EVERY COPY SOLD WILL HAVE ITS COVER PRE-SIGNED BY TARA STRONG!

But once those 100 are gone, they’re gone! This special version is being hand-crafted by a pair of purple ponies just for the pony fan community, and once it’s sold out, that’s all she wrote!

So be sure to buy your tickets to Big Apple Ponycon so you’ll have the opportunity to buy this piece of pony history! And be sure to check out for more amazing Tara swag, benefiting some incredible causes!

Big Apple Ponycon Announcing Double Rainboom Team


Brooklyn, New York – Big Apple Ponycon is pleased to announce that the creative team behind Double Rainboom will be attending BAP. On Sunday, the Double Rainboom crew will show half of the fan-made episode, followed immediately by a Q&A session with several members of Double Rainboom’s staff.

Double Rainboom is a Hasbro-approved full length episode, created by the fans, for the fans. The episode revolves primarily around Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, and will be released to the public on March 30th, 2013. For more information visit

About Big Apple Ponycon

Established in 2012, Big Apple Ponycon is a multi-generational convention for collectors and fans of Hasbro’s My Little Pony franchise, and the community surrounding it, from its origin in 1983 to its present incarnation. The Brooklyn-based convention will take place at The New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge on March 23-24, 2013. For further information, please visit

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