Convention Junction – March 5th 2013

Leaving Las Vegas
by *PixelKitties

Well time for another Convention Junction update. Over the past month we’ve had quite a few convention submissions, some did get out as singular posts while others got buried by the giant pile of mail that slowly formed while we all went off and played in Fallout Las Pegasus. After this point we’ll be operating our convention posts much like we did last year. General updates about the events will be placed in the Convention Junction posts that will be aimed to appear on Mondays. Any major announcement (mostly show guests) and such will get their own posts. First time conventions announcing themselves will also get their own post for introduction.

Hopefully nothing else bursts into flames this year, though I do wish ya’ll good luck.

Behind the page break:

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  • Cloudsdale Congress
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  • Cutie Mark Con
  • Galacon



Good news for all you artists out there; BronyCon Vendor applications for our Dealer’s Room are officially open! To apply, just go here and fill out the form. Tables will cost $125 each and include one three-day badge. You can also purchase up to three additional Vendor badges at $50 each for those who will be assisting you at your table.

For more information on our dealer’s room, you can see a FAQ here, and our full list of policies here. Tables will go fast, so sign up now if you want to sell your wares at the largest gathering of bronies ever!


BronyCon is pleased to announce the talent behind the My Little Pony comic series for its summer convention: writer Katie Cook, artist Andy Price and colorist Heather Breckel.

In addition to the new My Little Pony comic, Cook is well known for her work in the Star Wars universe. She’s worked on licenses ranging from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Lord of the Rings, The Jim Henson Company and more. She also does a weekly Web comic—Gronk: A Monster’s Story.

Prior to his work for on My Little Pony, Price did illustrations on card sets for Rittenhouse/Marvel. On his Deviant Art page, Price calls himself a brony and notes that he is an old school illustrator who always does his work by hand, not digitally.

Breckel is currently the colorist on My Little Pony, Peter Panzerfaust and Number 13, as well as a number of small press projects. When she’s not coloring, she’s writing and drawing her own comics, and hanging out with her cats.

With the combined talents of Cook, Price and Breckel, the My Little Pony comic series was one of the top-selling comics to debut in 2012, landing itself 100,000 pre-orders for its first issue released on Nov. 28, 2012. It even out sold major comics such as Batman and Spider-Man.

For more information on BronyCon’s guests: Visit the guests page which will have the most up-to-date information on guests appearing at BronyCon for the Aug. 2-4 event in Baltimore.


BronyCon Wraps Up Winter with Free Badge Giveaways

Winter is coming to an end, so BronyCon is wrapping it up with a couple badge giveaways for a few lucky attendees for its convention in Baltimore on Aug. 2-4.

Luck of the Lyrish:

Are you feeling lucky? Press your luck on St. Patrick’s Day for BronyCon’s Luck of the Lyrish giveaway.

The way this works is if you have purchased a badge by March 17, then you will be entered into a raffle to have your badge compensated by the convention. The winner will receive reimbursement for one standard three-day admission to BronyCon. To be eligible, all you must do is register for BronyCon 2013 before the drawing starts.

April Foal’s Day Art Contest:

Show just how much you can out-prank Pinkie Pie with BronyCon’s April Foal’s Day Art Contest. Submitted artistic works must be related to April Fool’s Day and feature BronyCon’s original character mascots: Mane Event (unicorn), Blank Canvas (pegasus) and Hoof Beatz (earth pony). All art entries are due by 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on April 1. The winner will receive two free three-day badges for BronyCon 2013 and one runner up will receive one three-day badge.

For contest rules and submissions: Please visit the contest page on BronyCon’s site. All rules and deadlines for both the Luck of the Lyrish and the April Foal’s Day Art Contest are available there.


Show the World Why You Are Excited For BronyCon

BronyCon is working on a very special video project to play at our convention this summer, and we need help from you—our attendees and supporters! How would you like to use your face to help promote BronyCon to the world while being a part of something awesome in the process?

All you need to do is send us a video of yourself talking about why you love BronyCon and what makes the convention special to you. Whether you have attended every BronyCon event to date, or this coming summer will be your first BronyCon, we want to hear why you are so passionate about our convention.

We have fans of all ages and backgrounds coming to BronyCon from around the globe. This project will demonstrate what can drive thousands of people from such a diverse crowd to come together in a massive celebration of a single TV show and its community. Get creative, be original and show us why you are BronyCon’s number one fan!

There are only three requirements: your video entry must be uploaded to YouTube, must not have any background music, and must include answers to at least two of the following questions:

“Why do you want to come to BronyCon?”
“What does BronyCon mean to you?”
“What are you most excited about for BronyCon?”
“How did you react when you found out you were going to BronyCon?”

Send your submissions to [email protected]. The deadline for all entries is April 19.



Greetings, Everypony!
A certain young alicorn left this in our voicemail box, which we found peculiar until we found out that Griffin Lewis and Jenny Nicholson–the collective comedic duo known as Sherclop Pones–would be coming back this year to attend Everfree Northwest! For those of you who don’t know, Sherclop Pones is responsible for the wildly popular abridged series “Friendship is Witchcraft.” Last year, at their standing-room-only panel, they unveiled their hilarious short “Star Waving Mad.” Also in attendance was a certain robotic filly who just wants to be loved. Come and join us this 4th of July weekend in Seaddle and meet the brains behind the Witchcraft. Be sure to book your hotel room at our special rate from the link on our website before they’re all gone!
Sherclop Pones is just the first of many who make up our lineup of the awesome community guests that make our convention what it is. What’s that? You like special guests? Stay tuned…
Follow us on Twitter: @everfreenw
Like us on Facebook!





We know you’ve all been waiting to hear what amazing guests Equestria LA 2013 is going to showcase this year and after a few months of suspense, we’re finally able to start releasing the names of those guests!

To start us off, EQLA is very excited to welcome back MandoPony this year! Known for A Long Way From Equestria, Kindness, Sweet Apple Acres and more recently When I Find My Wings. Check him out on his YouTube channel: and Twitter @MandoPony.

Our next guest that we’re excited to announce is DJ GARNiKA! A DJ straight out of EQLA’s backyard, we’re excited to watch him spin some tunes and bust some moves. Visit him on his YouTube channel: and on Twitter @DJGARNiKA.

We’re proud to announce Additive Subtractive to our line up! Releasing songs like Phony Brony (ft. Rina-chan), Fidelity and Love (ft. Rina-chan). His YouTube page is: be sure to check him out!

Our fourth musical guest is Tarby! Known for songs like Saturday Morning, The Wings You Earn and Born Cross Eyed. Make sure you check him out on YouTube:

Last but not least (for this announcement!), we are proud to present DJ Tetsuo, a DJ known to spin all your favorites while wearing a Lego-man head mask.

We can’t wait to party with all of you (both at the dance and at the room parties!). We’ve got a great program lined up for all of you. From panels with your favorite show guests and community guests to a costume fashion show and charity auction with items from all over our great community.

A friendly reminder that registration CLOSES April 19, 2013 at midnight Pacific Time and we have a cap of 1800 attendees this year. Military discounts, child tickets with Parent-in-tow, and single day badges will be available at the door. Make sure to pick up your tickets before registration closes because 3-day badges will be $75 at the door.

Since you’re coming out of EQLA 2013 anyway, why not book a room at our hotel? Being close let’s you take advantage of all the fun and will let you take advantage of all the perks we’ll be announcing soon.

See you in May!



The events of Las Pegasus Unicon have shocked and dismayed the entire Brony community. It is an accepted fact that running a convention is a difficult task. This is especially true of a first-year convention. The immediate aftermath has forced the staff at Cloudsdale Congress to take a sober look at itself, and readjust our business plan. The reality is that finances must be used in the most responsible manner possible while still delivering a fun, excellent convention.

We are not criticizing their methods, and ask all of you to refrain from uniformed judgements as well. While some of our staff were in attendance, at no time have we discussed buisness practices with them. The leadership of CC is working diligently in order to present responsible business practices in light of the recent events, to be worthy of your respect and trust, as well as that of Hasbro. To be financially sound, Cloudsdale Congress has had to reevaluate much of our already announced programming. We must therefore regretfully terminate the previously signed contracts for Garry Chalk and Michael Daingerfield.

The Brony community is being humbly asked to support Las Pegasus Unicon after their misfortune, and continue to trust Cloudsdale Congress in spite of this difficult decision. It is our wish that pony conventions continue to grow and be successful, wherever they may be. We will show Hasbro that Bronies are as capable as they are compassionate. In an effort to promote those goals, we will make the most financially responsible decisions possible. In the future, if circumstances and fortunes change, we might be able to give consideration to those who donate.

Let’s work together to get everyone back on their feet, and take all future endeavours one step at a time. Cloudsdale Congress is in just one week, and we promise to bring you the best convention we can. We’ll refrain from quoting Magical Mystery Cure here.


Bronies, Bronettes, and everyone in between.

Our long-anticipated website is finally going live! You can find it at, and its going to be the main source for information on our convention in the coming months. We’ve currently got a good amount of information for you all up there including a portion of our guest list, some details on BUCK itself and links to relevant forums.

There are also contact details on the site, so if you need to ask us anything then head on over and we’ll be happy to help.

-The BUCK crew


The BUCK convention guys have been working hard behind the scenes for a while now, but there’s still more work to do!

We’ve got a few announcements to make for all you bronies champing at the bit, and if you’re interested in helping us make 2013 an awesome year for Brony conventions in the UK then stick around – we’ve still got plenty of staff positions to fill.

First off, we’ve got some guests to announce! (After the page break)


The Living Tombstone!

That curiously lively piece of memorial stonework!



Flat-out awesome British musician and thier band!


Wooden Toaster!

Equally paradoxical, equally talented! 



Dazzling master of laser light!


Acoustic Brony!

Everyone’s favourite chipper blue British pony!



Fan-favourite Swedish artist!



Adorable be-hatted crowd favourite!



Enigmatic Finnish Android Musician!


Lavender Harmony!

The Lovely Lavender returns for 2013!


Second item of business, we’ve started a facebook group! You can find it here

We heard that people wanted an official BUCK group, and we were more than happy to oblige. It’s been a hit so far, so if you’re the kind of brony who finds themselves on Facebook from time to time, drop in and join us!

Finally, we’re still looking for staff – Check this link for details:

We hope to hear from you all, and remind the rest of you to check out our website and the facebook group! You can also find us on Twitter under @BUCKcon and on YouTube under the username bronyukcon.

Take care!


Canterlot Gardens

Hello everyone,

Canterlot Gardens is in need of a little help to get going for 2013. We are currently running a Kickstarter to get up and running for 2013. The money will go to venue costs and getting our website and registration up and running for the 2013 season. If the Kickstarter is successful we will be bringing the website back online and registration open. At the same time we will be putting the final booking on our dates and venue location.

Find the link below and and thank you.

Want to met the man behind the kick starter for Canterlot Gardens? Of course you do, get to know Perry and head over to the kick starter. And as always my apologies for the three repeats, but we just want to get the word out, thank you!!


Preparing for the Big Show

Cincinnati, OH – Cutie Mark Con is Ohio’s largest My Little Pony Convention! With the largest guest list, and a number of events, Cutie Mark Con is a must-have place to be.

Cutie Mark Con first announced Matt Hill, who you may recognize from his roles in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as Soarin’ and Hayseed. Matt Hill has also been the voice behind some of the world’s most popular Animated, Anime, and Film characters of the last 25 years. He has voiced the loveable character Ed, on the hit show Ed, Edd n Eddy, as well as Bankotsu in the hit show InuYasha.

Following the announcement of Matt Hill, CMC announced an all star cast list on February 7th, 2013 consisting of a total of 4 great voice actors. Among these were Peter New and Andrea Libman. Peter New voices Big McIntosh in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show, and has also been Lunk in the Powerpuff Girls Z series and Chokyukai in InuYasha.

Andrea Libman is also famous for her roles on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. Andrea Libman has worked as a voice actor for more than 20 years. She has had roles on numerous animated TV series, including Madeline in Madeline and the New Adventures of Madeline, Emmy in DragonTales, and Cathy in Monster Buster Club.

For more information on Cutie Mark Con, please visit our website at

Cutie Mark Con is a convention ran by the fans, for the fans. Cutie Mark Con specializes in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, bringing together not only the voice talents, but also the creative minds behind the show. The focus of Cutie Mark Con is bringing together the fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all things that make the show amazing. Cutie Mark Con is a first year convention based out of Westerville, OH. The first Cutie Mark Con will be held in Cincinnati, OH, in 2013.

Date and Location: May 31 – June 2 at the Plaza Cincinnati North, Cincinnati, OH.
Registration Fee: Pre-Register ONLY – $40 for a weekend badge


Dear loyal subjects,

we are speechless! Not only is the entirety of Ludwigsburg out of beds during GalaCon, meaning you will have to book hotel rooms in the immediate area around Ludwigsburg, but ticket phase 1 is over! You all placed so much trust in us that you bought up the remaining tickets in record time. We are extremely grateful – You give us the confidence that GalaCon 2013 will be a great weekend on all accounts!

As for announcements – This Wednesday (20th February), our ticket system will be shut down for maintenance. Everything will be prepared for ticket phase 2 on Saturday to guarantee smooth performance.
Phase 2 will include a new, very limited supply of BIZZAM tickets with the Canni figurine, the shirt and the fast lane access! This will be the very last time we add new BIZZAM tickets to the pool, so get ready!

As mentioned before, we will make price adjustments for phase 2. New guests of honour and big plans for the event schedule are coming! Don’t worry, we’re not leaving you in the dark – Announcements will follow shortly.
Basic tickets are going from 59€ to 69€ and BIZZAM tickets are going from 129€ to 159€. Ticket upgrades are possible – If you’ve previously bought a ticket and wanted to upgrade to BIZZAM, just buy the BIZZAM and contact our ticket service at [email protected] to cancel the previous order.

It’s really hard to hold back the excitement from behind the scenes, but not long until we can spill the beans! Actually, there’s a special someone who has a message for you right now:

Heartfelt thanks to JanAnimations and Julia Stoepel (German voice of Fluttershy)!

See you soon!

Yours truly,
The GalaCon team

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