Convention Junction – May 8th 2013


BronyDays: Fundraising Campaign

Fillies and gentlecolts,

we are the team behind the BronyDays, a european convention that will take place in Paris at the end of October 2013, and we are pleased to announce that our Indiegogo campaign has finally been launched! We intend to raise as much money as possible in order to invite more amazing guests at the convention. We are thinking about several famous community guests, but we are also currently discussing with a show talent… Every bit counts, so your help will be very much appreciated! Of course, we have some cool rewards in store for our generous donators, and you can even participate to a random drawing to win a free ticket to the BronyDays! To donate, check out our campaign page here.

See you soon,

the BronyDays staff

Cutie Mark Con: Guest Contracts

Cutie Mark Con regretfully has an unfortunate announcement to make. Due to some unforeseen financial challenges that have arisen within both Cutie Mark Con and our parent company we have had to make changes to the budget. In order to keep this from affecting the entire convention as a whole, we have had to make the difficult choice of pulling some of our guests off of the schedule. Now, this is a setback, but we want to assure you, our guests, that Cutie Mark Con is still going on as planned. Cutie Mark Con is still going to be held, on the same dates, feature great actors and artists, and be just as fun. We felt an obligation to keep everyone informed on this, as we strive to be an honest and professional event. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause, but, we again want to say that Cutie Mark Con is still going to be an amazing weekend. Thank you and we hope to see you all there.

For more information, see also Brony Time’s interview with two of the organizers of the convention.

TrotCon 2013: New Guests from YouTube

Confound those ponies, they drive us to YouTube and YouTube video accessories! What mashups are to music, YouTube poops are to videos: varied, creative, sometimes serious and often silly, but most importantly, a good YTP is filled with plenty of ssuss. It can be hard to come by, but fortunately for all of you, two of the most prominent MLP poopers will be joining us this summer to provide more than enough ssuss for everyone: Unanimous Delivers and SgtScrubnoob!

About two years ago, Unanimous Delivers started posting some silly YouTube videos with ponies in them. Since then, he’s surpassed 10,000 subscribers. Even if you don’t know him, you likely have come across his work at some point. By far his most popular video is Night of Pony (, which alone has topped a million views, but there’s plenty more where that came from! You might have also seen Pinkie Trigger (, 1000 People Clicked on the Subscribe Button (, or his Sonic Rainboom perspective video (

If you know Unanimous, you probably also know SgtScrubnoob, one of the more prolific poopers out there, with videos like Mega Mare (, Apple Race (, Rusty Bucket Neigh (, and dozens of others. On top of that, he is also the creator of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic article on Know Your Meme, which has amassed over eight million views. If you were introduced to this crazy fandom by that article, you (and millions of others) have him to thank!

Unanimous Delivers and SgtScrubnoob will be hosting some video-related panels, showing off some of their favorite YouTube poops and PMVs, and talking about what it takes to turn a video into a video.

Click on their subscribe buttons by accident: and

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’d like to take a brief moment to reflect.

We, TrotCon’s staff, agree (unanimously, if you may) that 2011 was a fantastic year in many ways. It has been incredible to watch a few dozen fans of an up-and-coming cartoon turn into hundreds, and then tens of thousands, all in the span of a few months. Some people had their doubts that the fandom would last through the summer once the season ended. It not only lasted, but thrived, with every kind of fan content imaginable: art, fanfiction, music, videos, games, and much more.

Part of our goal with TrotCon is to try to celebrate and recreate that feeling in a sense. We’d like to bring back the excitement, creative energy, and so many wonders of watching this talented fandom emerge from such a humble beginning, so that those who weren’t around can experience it, and those who were there can remember and enjoy it all over again.

TrotCon 2013: Equestria Inspired Announcement

Equestria Inspired is a gaming group dedicated to giving the Brony community more ways to enjoy the world of Equestria and be inspired. Established since the show’s beginning, it’s been their goal to give everypony outside of the show the chance to feel like they’re in it. Whether it be in Ponyville with the cast of the show, or back in Equestria’s past, EquIn is at the forefront of My Little Pony tabletop and party gaming – eager to make everyone feel just THAT much closer to the wonderful world that has inspired us all. Draìoct Neighsach and PonIver will be teleportalling you into the heart of Equestria all weekend long in our tabletop gaming room.

Being an avid con-goer, Draìoct Neighsach (Pronounced: ‘Dry-ekt’), the Founder of Equestria Inspired Gaming, has been enjoying various conventions for more fandoms than you can count on your hooves. This will be his 10th anniversary of bringing his love for gaming everywhere he goes – from video gaming to LARPing, tabletop to party gaming, and so much more! An avid Brony from the beginning, he’s worked long and hard to fill the void that is the roleplaying game enjoyment of the fandom. Thusly he has developed several titles, including “Inspireland”, “MLP: TOON!”, “Mass Effect: Unity”, and the fan favorite “Are You A Changeling?”. He would love nothing more than to share in these wonderful roleplaying escapades with all of you!

With three hit features, PonIver is one of the hottest names in pony fiction. Between writing about Equestria’s favorite ponies and working with Equestria Inspired, he’s also got his hooves full as a head of the Midwest Brony Division – one of the largest local fanbases around. He’s also founder of the Hearth’s Warming Care Package – a brony charity to benefit Kiki Havivy, a young girl battling brain cancer. They provide aid through events, auctions, and published fanfic. On the convention circuit, he’s known to most for his infamous ‘Raristache’ cosplay antics.

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