Deeeeerpy Hoooovesby rule1of1coldfire

Chase Hoffberger, writing for the Daily Dot (which has covered pony-related things in the past, though not this particular writer) attended the Brony Fan Fair in Austin, Texas, more or less oblivious to the better part of the pony fandom. Overall, he seems to have had a positive experience, and from the title, this looks like it’s going to be a series. You can catch the article here.

And thus, things start coming into focus: bronies are Trekkies for the 21st century, less about deep space and more about the pony race. And their conventions, colorful and joyous as they may be, are more or less modern iterations of the Star Trek cons that have become pop culture fixtures.

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    “The kid goes on to tell me that the newest iteration of the My Little Pony franchise, subtitled Friendship is Magic, got revived in 2010 by an artist named Lauren Faust and is more or less an animated, bestial stepchild of Star Trek and Doctor Who.”