Tonight on True Equestria Radio, writer Dave Polsky joins the roundtable of True Equestria Radio, answering questions from live callers just like you! It’s sure to be a great time, so don’t miss your chance to bug the writer who wrote Daring Don’t and other episodes!

Call in at midnight Eastern, either by phone, toll-free, at 714-888-7471 or by skype right HERE! You can also tune in on Fillydelphia Radio on Ponyville Live.

  • Battra

    Wonder if someone will actually ask why he’s a crap writer?

    • Anonymous

      because no one competent supervises him. there , answered your question , no need to bother him.

      let him have his 5 minutes of fame in the brony community.

    • Anonymous

      such edge
      much nerdrage
      wow neckbeard

  • AC44


    Aw, c’mon… At the very least he and Merriwether Williams offer something different to the type of stories.

    Personally i like some variation of styles like in comics when different writers take turns writing i.e. The Amazong Spider Man. And I think Polsky is a case of apples and oranges. You have the ‘in the spirit of the show’ writers like Larson, AKR, Morrow, etc and you have ‘old-school’ writers like Polsky and Merriwether which I like in their own way.

    I like the old school writing because I grew up watching them and personally I find them lacking in todays’ cartoon and generally I think these stories are more creative, wacky, and ultimately more fun generally. But even then I’d hate to see only old school writing on FiM so I think the two styles can and should be able to exist instead of having one or the other.