So in a week plus a day we will be celebrating Derpy Hooves’ birthday, as October 25th marks the day the ponyfans on /co/ took notice to her in the background of Twilight’s welcoming party, making her now famous derp face (and the same day she was named).  The short story Bright Eyes which made her into a mail mare was featured I think shortly after.

So expect a major flood of Derpy posts on the 25th.  This will include artwork, videos and for a one time yearly event here, fanfics (obviously Derpy fanfics).  If you have something you’d like to submit, be it something you’ve already created or something you planned on doing for this day, we ask that you drop it in our mailbox for posting.  This includes anything else our other fellow sites may be doing for the day, list of events, etc etc.

All materials can be dropped in our submission box.

  • Mason


  • derpymaths

    im psyched for this. bring on the derp.

  • LoLZorZs

    But when was the Derpy Hooves day with the muffins? March the first?

  • DerpySquad

    ^ Yeah, March 1st, it was more or less just a randomly picked day.

  • Anonymous

    You can't have a male mare! XD