Derpy News Exclusive Review: Seeds of Kindness: Shine Together

Art by Makkon

Art by Makkon

Well ain’t this a tease. A review of the new Seeds of Kindness album Shine Together before launch. Want to know if it is any good? Click below and satisfy that curiosity.

The short of it is, this is a very enjoyable album. So much so in fact that I enjoyed it more than what I have listened to of Academy of Power thus far. This has more to do with the theming of the album and the selection that was chosen to appear. This album is also much shorter too, containing only 22 tracks and lasting only 93 minutes. Compared to Academy of Power which is an absolute behemoth that I still haven’t completely gotten through, Shine Together is much easier and pleasant to sit down and listen too.

The pleasantness of the tracks also has more to do with their genre diversity. While I wouldn’t call it more diverse than Academy of Power, it is more diverse in genres I find personal preference in. The genres are made up of more soft rock and relaxing orchestral. There is a slight offering toward the electronic side of things though, yet that offering is nowhere near as aggressive as it was in Academy of Power. (Yes I am going to keep making that comparison. These albums are both compilations and they came out in the same release window.) All this makes sense, as Academy of Power is more of a party album while this is a more restrained charity album about spreading happiness. As an introvert who is exhausted by parties, the slower pace and more somber tone of Shine Together speaks to me far more.

Alright, so I have gotten this far without talking about any of the tracks. Time to finally take the plunge. While I am not going track by track, there are a few that in my mind really stood out. I have a lot of respect for what Fen Pony did on the track “A Pinkie Thing.” It isn’t one of my favourite tracks, but I think it is one of the tightest tracks. Fen raps from Pinkie’s perspective in some sort of in-between antics. It references many different Pinkie antics and to be truly honest the lyrics are something that has been done before. What makes it stand out is the length. The track is only 1:30, with Fen only really rapping for about one minute. The excess 30 seconds is just the backing track that I actually really enjoyed by itself. The short of it is Fen said what he had to say with the track and nothing more. It is of perfect length.

The track that really sealed this album in my opinion was “Seladore” by Carbon Maestro and David Larsen. It is the most polished track on the whole album and my only gripe with it is that it ends. The pacing is just perfect and the instrumentation was an all I could taste buffet. It has an eastern sound with a nice airy and flowing melody and a steady rhythm section that kept the melody grounded.

Some other notable names attached to this album include Makkon, who treats us to a calming piano piece, and WoodLore (who I interviewed here) delivering on what he typically does. One thing I was very happy to see is a collaboration featuring Haymaker and M. Pallante. I have been waiting to see M. Pallante do a collaboration for ages and the result is exactly what I thought an M. Pallante collaboration would sound like. He is a good musician on his own but he always sounded kinda isolated to me. I have been wanting for him to collaborate and broaden his sound since I first got into the guy’s music. I am just hoping this turns into a long string of excellent collabs from him in the future. There is more but I don’t want to spoil some of the surprise.

This album will be premiering at its Ponyville FM release party on this Saturday at 6 p.m. EST (11 p.m. UTC.) This is a charity album and some generous donor has agreed to match all donations up to $1000 during the stream, essentially doubling the impact your donation will have. All donations of this album will be going to the Against Malaria Foundation. For more info check our article on the release party itself.

In conclusion, this is a very good album. This album represents one of the things that defines us as a fandom. Sure we can have fun, but we can also work together to make the world a better place. It is a true testament of generosity and kindness. Shine Together indeed.


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