Well since I got the ability to post up images easier with the blogger, you’ll be seeing more Derpy related material up here, first..

All my money, TAKE IT, these are so cute.  You can check out Meghan’s dA Spirit of America.  She has also done an Applejack Plushie found here.  She’s currently not taking commissions, so you’ll have to wait for the Derpy.

Random comic with Derpy, and Pinkie Pie stealing her muffin.  Love her face on the first panel, I was going to crop her out and say she was attempting to move the muffin with her mind, like Silent Bob in Mall Rats.
(Edit / Update)  It was pointed out over in EqD when the bottom comic hit, that its a follow up to the comic that is now above it.
  • BlueEevee

    Seems Derpy takes Portal a little too seriously