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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and any other tradition you may or may not celebrate this time of year.  In Japan they celebrate by eating a cake (look it up).

Been a slow week with pony, this 2 week break has sort of become a tradition I guess, when you figure we had the same thing last year.  Thankfully (or not) Season 2 kind of prepped us on this with the several weeks they took off between new episodes.  The first year though, I think it was the first time ever there wasn’t a new episode that week.  Its also the time when this fanbase began to speed up.

I would like to take a moment during this holiday to thank everyone who helped make DH what it is.  First is Jaller, a man behind the scenes whose web skills changed a ghetto coded page made up of one thousand html tables into an easier and quicker loading php system.  Then came Plaster at the start of summer who kept the site alive while my rl work took its toll on pony time.  He went above and beyond for me and helped sleuth around, finding out what people were looking for in an alternative news site.  DerpyMaths gets major probs, together with Jaller those two are responsible they made this page more awesome in looks, and continues to churn out graphicals for us with a smile.  Spazz who joined the team at the end of August and has become our resident video tech guy, providing the community with classic Mentos encodes thanks to TrollHD.  And Telofy of Ponyleaks, who through his stalker like abilities has found random news that would otherwise slip through the cracks.  And of course our other reports who chime in from time to time to cover news no one else was around to report on, namely Leth.  I’ll also throw Pacce in here for taking up the job of reviewing each episode, they’ve proven to be quite popular with readers.  And much like PBS, of course you guys, our readers/viewers.

And now without further delay, here is your 1st annual Derpy Xmas Special Image Dump.  I will note there are a few ‘seasonal’ style pictures thrown in, tis the season and such.  Also you may want to open this page in a separate tab if you’re viewing the blog from the main site, there’s probably enough pictures to hide the bottom half.

Now if only I had a picture of Derpy running down Main Street Bedford screaming Merry Xmas you old movie house.

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  • 21shootingstar -★-

    I sent my letter to santa by derpy mail, now there are muffins under my christmas tree.

    merry christmas DH!!