#1 – DerpyHoovesNews Celebrates 1 Year

First off the bat, DerpyHoovesNews aka DerpyHooves.com celebrates an (almost) full year of operation.  The site went online a year ago today, but it was about 10 more days before the very beta version of what exists now went online.  For the first 10 days it was more or less the default picture of Derpy with the letter in her mouth and wearing her mailbags.
I had this big post written out, but I’m going to wait.  Started off as a boring history lesson about this site, but I’m going to save it for another article I’m writing (more or less a history lesson about the early days of the fandom, when it was nothing more than /co/).

#2 – Derpy 99% Canon Now
I’m saying 99% canon because there’s one missing piece to the puzzle, getting the lips of Hasbro to say the name.  Just about everyone related to the show has now said it, this includes…

  1. Lauren Faust when she auctioned off the sketches for Japan, the freshly made one of Derpy contained the file name “derpy”.
  2. Studio B has used the name for awhile.  JT has said it multiple times, and Sisby’s storyboard leaks from October showed the sketched name “derpy” on the page.
  3. Castle Creator in the past week put out additional Castle Creator items, including a holiday version of Derpy with the file name “derpy_definitely_canon”.
  4. As of today, the Hub’s facebook and twitter used the term (as seen above).

Now of course Hasbro will probably come up with their own name, they seem to like “twilight” in the name.  And of course this doesn’t mean she -must- be called Derpy now for you Ditzy Doo lovers.  I’ve always been fond of Bright Eyes.

#3 – The Word of Faust: Spike’s Upbringing.
Even though Faust isn’t with the show anymore, its still her world.  The only issue that could happen is for Faust to say one thing, and the show end up saying another.  Kiara-Tsume-Howllet basically asked how did Twilight get to keep Spike.
Faust:  Here’s how I had it worked out — Spike was actually raised by Celestia while Twilight was her student.  Dragons are all myserious to ponies.  They don’t really know much about them and had never seen a baby one before so Celestia took on the challenge herself.  While raising him, she was able to train him to do that whole magic letter sending thing, and Celestia put the two together knowing that would come in handy one day.  Plus, Twilight hatched him, so it was only fair to let her stay in his life.

I don’t know if a different back story will ever be revealed so, as always, my indeas shouldn’t be considered canon.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on 1 year guys. Here's to many more!

  • Anonymous

    Mind you, Hasbro have mis-labelled Scootaloo as Applebloom, so what they call anypony is suspect.

  • Anonymous

    Has it really been a year already? Congrats! I look forward to the trip down memory lane when the article is done.

  • 21shootingstar -★-


    1 year, time flies doesn't it?

  • iisaw

    Wow… so the idea that Twilight's entrance exam was one that she was EXPECTED to fail, as more a test of character than one of magic, gains a bit of ground with this post.

  • MaKS

    Congrats, DH.com! I recall you from back then, being little but a Derpy fanpage. You're always cool in my book.

    Bright Eyes ftw.