Derpy’s Mailbag #16

My Saviour by =ponyKillerX

Time for the Mailbag, lets see what Derpy has gotten in the past half month.


PonyCraft Building Contest, Winner Gets A Pony Necklace

In lieu of the new Equestria terrain being nearly finished, I am deciding to hold a building contest. :D

Here is the lowdown. The building contest is building a Ponyville house, (Yes, one from the show, I have a few references in my server for size/roof/style/color requirements.) The one YOU build will need to be from one of the pictures on the gallery below. You must name what you house you submit to me BY number.(The houses are numbered.) You can optionally build another building(Anything seen in the show works, as long as it has not been built on the model building map. and confirmed to be used, that does not include if another user is building it.)

Full Details on’s website.


Senior Prank 2012 by the Equestria Book Club

The members of the Equestria Book Club at their local school decided to paint their mascot in Twilight Sparkle colors for their Senior Prank. Will note they more or less had permission from the school staff, and the paint is something that’ll disappear when it rains.

hello! /) brohoof everypony. I just wanted to say that in our strides to push the community more together, that a few of us have opened a chat site-just for bronies and pegasisters! come check us out~ we will do whatever we can to make you feel like part of the family.



Official Ask mood swingin' Lyra teaser by ~XRainbow-ChocoboX

Scootie with a Bootie by ~XRainbow-ChocoboX

Artwork by XRainbow-ChocoboX



The Rainbow Dash Bed by ColdCalzone

And it is done.
Yep. The whole thing.
All touch-ups are applied, and the bumpers are installed. 
99 Days 
210 Hours 
14 weeks 

The bed was sold on eBay for $1,250 dollars back on May 14th.

Hi guys, Cheerbrony here to share an interesting observation:

In an effort to procrastinate on my studies I decided to do what anyone else in my position would do: see if MLP:FiM has had an impact on specific terms in Google search. Easiest way to do this is to type in “pony” and hit enter, but that’s hardly scientific. So let’s apply some stats!

To see if there is a difference independent of seasonal trends, we need a proxy term that follows “pony” closely and isn’t likely to be a spurious relationship. Logically, I chose “horse” and had a look to see how closely it matched:

Looks good, but let’s apply the ‘F-test of equality of variances’ test to make a rough measure of whether these changes line up closely enough (inb4 “the ‘F-test of equality of variances’ is too sensitive to the assumption of normality to test for the equality of variances, you risk a type I error”. Suck it, I like to live dangerously).

Maths was done and left us with a variance of 30.97 and 36.27 for “horse” and “pony” respectively for an F‑stat of 1.17, compared to our F‑crit of 2.12 at an alpha level of 0.05. In English: they match each other pretty well. So onward, to interesting things.

Next we plot (teehee) the post‑premier search data to see if anything has changed:

Yep, clear change. But statistically significant? Let’s check using the same test as above. Variances: 20.32 and 520.78; F‑stat: 25.63; and F‑crit: 2.27. This basically means there is less than a one in 180 million chance that the difference is a fluke. In conclusion we can infer that MLP:FiM viewers have enough presence on the internet to influence the popularity of certain search terms whilst acting independently of one another.

tl;dr: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has had a significant and measurable impact on the search habits of a particular demographic of Google users.

Caveat: “pony” was and still is a relatively obscure search term so take these results with a grain of salt.


Me and a couple buddies got together and started a spreadsheet, an
exhaustive listing of every reference in FiM that we could find. We got
a lot through season 2 but this is proving to be a bigger effort than we
thought, and references are limited to those which you actually understand.

So if you guys at DHN are interested, we’d like to call for submissions
of what everyone gets out of the series.

Individuals can submit info to

Thanks for reading.



Me and my friends run a weekly podcast covering pop culture and general geekdom. This weeks episode was dedicated to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Several pony-related topics are covered including: How we got sucked into the phenomenon, the Brony community, our thoughts on the season 2 finale (spoilers), convincing my non-brony co-host to give the show another chance, our hopes for the future of the franchise and more…
Warning: contains adult language.
Ash and Adam

Pony Haikus by Shinigami Dad

Twilight Sparkle
Bookish pony knows
The value of good friends, and
She’s adorkable!

Fussy and prim, but
Would give the skirt off her flank
Has a heart of gold

She loves all creatures,
Mostly sweet as honey, but
Beware that temper!

Rainbow Dash
Everypony knows
She’s 20 percent cooler
In 10 seconds flat!

Pinkie Pie
She’s always laughing
Wants everypony to smile
Party cannons rule!

She’s hard-working and
Honest as the day is long
Buck those apples, girl!

Nightmare Moon no more
Now wants to be a friend, but
Please, no more shouting!

Glorious princess
Bringer of beauty, peace, joy.
Sometimes trolls for fun!

Sows evil, chaos
And confusion, but we love
Crazy chocolate rain!

Queen Chrysalis
Mighty changeling queen
What were you really planning?
Naughty homewrecker!

Twi’s purple minion
Has some weird heartburn, and an
Interspecies crush

Just misunderstood–
She never meant to offend
Poor wall-eyed pony!

“Great and powerful?”
Perhaps, but remember: pride
Goes before the fall!

Potions, elixirs
And zebra-based wisdom which
Always seems to rhyme

Silly unicorn–
You know that humans aren’t real,
So don’t slouch like that!

Green mini-gator
Sure knows how to party down
You toothless wonder!

Last week I started working fully on the not to sure what to call them. Some where between Hamster/Chew pony. I had a lot of request for Derpy so I made a few of the ideas that pass threw my head. They might be helpful to your website if not at least I hope I give ya a smile.

Derpy chewing on a muffin in a snow globe being held by Pinkie.  I don’t like making just a base idea anymore. This was the weirdest idea that I had for her.

Next is a shout to the old concept of Derpy raiding fridges.  This was my first idea I wanted to do for her but I knew if I did not do a Muffin one they will find me.

Last one probably the best one of the set. Was the first one of the night I worked on. Wish she would get rid of my junk mail that I get.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a good day





Top 15 Fails in Foreign Version of MLP:FiM



Where’s Derpy by Pepper

Derp Force by Charbile

Rainbow Wake by Deftfunk

Note: Gotta download it from the page.


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