Derpy’s Mailbag #17

Derpy Hooves
by DerpyHooves693

Well its been a few since the last Mailbag and its finally been filled enough to warrant another edition of Derpy’s Mailbag. All contents behind the page break.


Wonderbolt Derpy Hooves
by ~SMOR3S

Derpy Hooves Portal Jumping
by ~SMOR3S

Derpy Hooves Element of Muffins
by ~SMOR3S

Artwork submitted by SMOR3S


DJ Pon3
by C.B.

Artwork Submission by C.B.

My Little Pony, Trixie
by ~Aklimovich

Sonic Rainboom
by ~Aklimovich

The Party Hasn’t Ended
by ~Aklimovich

by ~Aklimovich

Artwork Submission by Aklimovich


It’s the one year Anniversary of the Bronies-NYC meetup group’s founding and almost the one year anniversary of BroNYCon! So to celebrate, I sat in front of a computer for a really long time and made this:
Check it out! It’s full of all the optimism that’s still going strong in our community, in a short easy to digest, headbang inducing format!
See yall either at BronyCon, Everfree NW or wherever the TPM is stopping~
Organizer : Bronies-NYC / Audio Vigilante

Hey there,

My name is Gearbox, and my team and I are beginning production on a visual novel adaptation of My Little Dashie. The author, Robcakeran53, has given us permission to do so, and we’re working very closely with him.

However, we are currently in need of artists, and we were hoping you could help spread the word! We’re looking for people comfortable and experienced with drawing scenery and landscapes that will be able to convey the tone and atmosphere of the fanfic. Being able to draw show-accurate ponies is also highly preferred. Anyone interested should contact me at [email protected] and provide samples of their work or a link to their DeviantArt, portfolio, or something similar.

Our team so far consists of myself (programming),  Mbul who will be producing an entirely original soundtrack, a character artist, and Robcakeran53. This will be a short visual novel(novella, rather), so the team will obviously not be as big as other, larger productions.


Hello everyone,

My name is Thanos, or, as some may know me, Aurora.

It feels really difficult for me to start writing something like this, but, from my point of view, I feel like it’s my duty to do so, and I really hope you will keep on reading.

I need your help, fellow bronies. Or at least a friend of mine does. See, there’s this boy in Portugal I know; I have known him over the internet for many, many years… He has helped me so many times, and I would like to return the favor now. Only problem is, I can’t do it myself.

Here’s the thing. This friend of mine, he has been going through a lot of trouble lately… Problems at home, parents, debts… I think I would rather let you read what’s going on by yourself. The following text is what he told me is going on when I asked him how bad the situation is.

“So yeah, this is something that’s been going on for almost 6 years, when my mom found out that my dad was cheating on her, she asked for a divorce and my dad started to go hay-wire and all pissed off breaking everything he could get on his hands and almost hitting my mom… We had to move out for 2 months but the rent was too high for us to keep up so we ended up coming back to where we are and my dad moved to my grandpa’s house which is like across the street. My mom started to see other people and I don’t blame her for that, I’m really actually happy for everything that my stepdad’s done for me and her. I see him as an awesome friend but he’s been more of a father figure than my dad… When my dad found out that my mom started to see other people he went into rage mode hitting random people and stuff. Always getting in problems with the police. He actually tried to break into my house a few times… Broke some windows and screwed up the key slot…One of the episodes that struck me was when he was in our basement with a wood carpenter guy, and me and my sister were outside with my grandpa. My dad and the carpenter went into the store and after a while we started to hear some arguing… I was like oh boy, not again… And his store was full of cutting equipments so I was kind of scared of going in there, I was like 12/13 at that time… I went in there and tried to calm my dad down, he hit the wood guy and pushed me into a pile of wood which fell on my head… My sister was screaming Dad, stop! Look at what you’ve done! My grandpa also tried to calm him down and almost got thrown to the ground by my dad, but I got up and grabbed him my sister grabbed my hand and told me to go home. Obviously I said no and tried to stop my dad once more.. Result, I got hit with a metal bar on the leg luckily no further damage to it, the carpenter had to go to the hospital due to him bleeding from the head and my dad ran away on his truck but later showed up and faced the police…My dad is calm now after all these years it seems… I don’t know if he’s just waiting for the right moment, or if he really changed…The court processes were on hold for all these years because I wasn’t 18 yet and the house was set as a family place. Now that I’ve turned 18, the processes are going faster than ever and the guys from the debts my dad made want their money… Me and my mom and stepdad can’t possibly afford all the stuff he did… So a court reunion is placed on the 26th, which I’ll attend as well and hopefully we’ll try to hold our house as long as possible…Court holidays are almost here, so we’ll possibly hold on until August, but from there, I have no idea what we’ll do… I’m still on the 2nd year of my school course and can’t possibly leave school at this time… Our option was to rent a house near my school to avoid having to spend money on bus pass and stuff… but still, house rents are expensive as hell for 3 people… I honestly don’t know how we’ll manage when we lose this house, I really don’t want to… I mean, it’s the place where I’ve always lived… I’m going to find a job on the summer holidays to help out… Hopefully on the 3rd and final year of my course, I’ll be on a trial on a company (not getting paid, unfortunately) and if they like the way I work, I’ll stay with them of course… You’ve got to start somewhere. But at the same time, I would like to move out from here, forget all the bad stuff that happened and start new somewhere… Like the town where I used to spend my summer vacation… It’s so calm there, people leave the house doors open because everyone is trustworthy…”

So this is what I ask from you, fellow bronies: I want to start a donation drive to help my friend. He doesn’t know what I want to do yet, and if it works out, I believe it would be the best thing I (and we) could do to help. I know you have got no idea who either him or me are; I know we are complete strangers… But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Everyone is a stranger before they get to know each other.
It really pains me to ask for help from people I don’t know, but I don’t know what to do. I know the economy in, well, let’s face it, most of the world isn’t exactly perfect right now… But that doesn’t mean that hope is lost. I strongly, truly believe that something can be done to help; and not help my friend alone, but his whole family, his mother, his sister… Because I actually believe there is still some humanity left in the world, and, as I can see it, this is the best place to find that: in the amazing, strong, and huge brony community.

I know most of you probably won’t help, either it’s because you don’t want to, or because you can’t. Trust me, I understand that more than most people. I just thought I could give this a try. It would mean the world to me if you could, though. I don’t have anything to offer in return right now, and I don’t know if I will in the future… But I will try to, whatever that might be.
If you care enough, help me spread the word. None of this will be used for personal gain… It will only be used to help a family that’s struggling right now… And I know this is quite a common case, but I am not asking as a stranger to that family, but as a friend.

If you want to help, please contact me at theaurorabolt [at] gmail [dot] com.

Or go directly to

Thank you so much for reading.

Bronyfunds Update

– FlavinBagel dropped out of the event but has joined our team.  His boss gave him his old job back with higher pay.  Hooray good fortune!

Ask Dream Baker has taken his place in the pool.  She works but can’t work enough hours to pay her rent or feed herself due to a disability.  She is currently waiting on money for that.  In the meantime, she goes days without food.  So, we need to hit our goal in a bigger way now so Ask Dream Baker can pay her rent and feed herself properly.

-We will be restreaming Scoot-Scootaloo’s My Little Dashie and A Moment fanfic reading on Friday.

-We will be doing a Steam game auction sometime later this week.

Remember, $5 or $10 here and there helps.  If 100 people give $10, that’s $1000, and $10 is not a lot for a person to give.  We are at $1,115 at the time of this e-mail, so we could definitely use 100+ $10 donations.

Nittany Discord

Dear DHN,

 I heard about this totally freaking awesome documentary called “Music is Magic: A Documentary on Brony Music”.
The guys who are making it are asking the community for some funding via Kickstarter. Can you please feature this on DHN to help them out?
They are filming it during Everfree Northwest. Ponystock!!
They already have confirmed several interviews with artists such as MANDOPONY, AcousticBrony, MictheMicrophone, Yaplap…. even Sethisto of EQD agreed to an interview.
May the horse be with you,

Ok, so my sweet daughter, Lizzie, is having a birthday in July.  She’ll be turning 3 and she just loves My Little Pony so much!  I’ve planned out this whole event and it would have been totally amazingly fun, except that suddenly our income, in the form of my husband’s job, disappeared.  So now this party, which will still be fun if we don’t raise any extra money, won’t be nearly as awesome as originally planned.  There were going to be beautiful decorations and balloons.  The invitations were going to be for her “Grand Galloping Gala” with tickets included and everything!  Then I’m making her a plush version of each pony, and I’ve got most of the supplies for that, but not quite everything.  I just can’t wait to see her squeal with delight as she sees this party!

What can I offer you in return?  Just look on the side here for the options!  A thousand thanks to everyone, of course, who helps in any way to make this happen!!

If you can’t donate, I totally understand (heh, I’m in the same boat at the moment…).  But spread the word to friends and family!

 @tarastrong has announced the awesome bands will be available at bronycon for only $10. Created by Designed by @bauzilla for Kiki to help raise money for alternative treatment. You can find her story using the link to the right of the page. Not going to bronycon? Then you can get info on about how to get your own below

The Midnight Run

now here’s how it works, i have been looking on youtube for pony+pitbull songs remix music, but its something really hard to do for there is just like 1 or 2 songs out there, the thing is that i would love to heard more of it, pitbull is my favorite artist, and i love ponies.

all you have to do is this

1- Create a remix song featuring pitbull+MLP, this can be any pitbull song, and any MLP song, or MLP related song, for example [link][link]

2- for easy for me to see them all you will have to upload it to youtube and send the link to me to [email protected] (the reason of this is that i won’t have to download all the songs you people make, and my computer won’t be overloaded)

3- it can be any stile of music you like, you can upload as many songs you like.

2 week from now, I’ll choose 25-50 of the best songs and put them for vote, and the winner will get CLOUDCHASER PLUSHIE, FREE SHIPPING USA ONLY!!!!!! OUTSIDE OF THE USA WILL BE CHARGE THE SHIPPING AND HANDLING!!!!

good luck to everyone ^_^


Hey there, DerpyHoovesNews!
My name is Sylverstone Khandr, and I’m the founder of Sylver’s Edge – an idea for a gaming studio if I had one!
For the better part of this year, I’ve been creating a platforming game based off the expansive world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! It’s called “Pinkie Pie’s Perilous Platforms!”, starring Ponyville’s party master as she takes on a challenge from the spirit of chaos, Discord, to traverse through his wacky platform levels and rescue her friends, Princess Celestia and the Elements of Harmony!
The trailer is available now (see above) but it represents that of a game currently in development, so many things can and will change! The demo will arrive at a later date (preferably around the time of Summer BronyCon 2012).
For more info, check out our official development blog at!
Here are some in-game screenshots!
Like “Sylver’s Edge” on Facebook at, subscribe to the Sylver’s Edge YouTube channel ( and look out for our Livestream channel (!

Hello there, I have an ‘article’ to submit to DerpyHoovesNews. It’s an article summing up why us bronies like the show, it’s fandom, and quite a bit of other things. I’d be really honored if you could feature this on Here’s the DeviantArt link which makes it difficult to tell between the editor’s and my, or the author’s writing, and the GoogleDocs link which allows you to properly tell the author’s writing from the editor’s writing due to the editor’s writing being in italics, which is not allowed on DeviantArt.

Thank you, have a nice day, and I hope you feature it!


Hello there, recently I have begun to make videos where I take songs from episodes and remove the background music. A lot of Brony musicians and re-mixers have been very happy to find these and it would be nice to get them out there into the community a little bit. I will be making one for every MLP song. Here is a playlist of all the ones i have so far =) thank you for your time

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