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Time for another edition of Derpy’s Mailbag.

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|[ Community ]|

Our historic live-action motion picture, Ecce Bronies, is more than just a film about friendship and sacrifice. We want it to be a gateway to help the local community, especially children since this is a family movie. Not only is 50% of the proceeds from the film going to be donated to the Vermont Children’s Hospital at Fletcher Allen; we are setting up a riding program for the children at hospital to ride the ponies that will be used in the film. The ponies are from the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm. We could really use your help to raise money to fund these rides and give these children a chance to experience something they might never have. The hospitals are a scary place for young children, let’s make it a better experience for them together.

100% Funds will go to:
– Buy 8″ stuff animal horses for all the children at the hospital
– Pay for horse rides for children physically able to ride
– Any extra funds left over will be donated to the VT Children’s Hospital at Fletcher Allen


If you have any questions, please email us at
[email protected]
or if you have any questions for the hospital, call our Fletcher Allen Rep. at 802-656-3243

“Ecce Bronies” a SAG/UBCP historic live-action brony production.

Executive Producer and Director: Paul Barnard

Associate Producer: Michael Robison

Assistant Director: Nicole Humphrey

Equestrian Trainer: Karen Winhold

Written by: Paul Barnard

Adapted to screen: Joseph Laston

Production Company: Fjord Studios, LLC (in cooperation with Norwich University)

Word of a legendary tribe of magic ponies in the northern territories reaches the ears of a bored Roman senator who is stuck in Gaul. He sends two rival, trouble making jr. commanders on a fool’s errand to see if the legend is real or not. The two, along with a small detail, travel up through Gaul into northern Germania and find the legend is true, but only slightly. The pony tribe had been at war with the local barbarians and only one small family is left. Feeling that the loss of such noble creatures would be a tragedy, the two commanders work together to save what is left of the ponies’ race. The ponies say there is an isolated island north of Britannia where their ancestors went some thousand years before. With their objective in sight, the Roman soldiers brave the treacheries of Germania and risk it all to save the last family of ponies.

MLPCHAN.NET is now open. An imageboard forum built by and for members of many other different communities to fill a wide gap; for a broad and diverse community of pony fans and friends, with a high level of service and attentiveness and an open atmosphere. Expecting to draw on fans from around the fandom, /mlp/, Equestria Daily readers, Ponychanners, Bronystaters, and everyone and everywhere in between, to serve as a fun and enjoyable hub of activity for anyone with an interest in the show or the fandom.

My Little Brony: Helping is Magic

Bronies? Helping? Magic? What’s all this?

Here’s the short form of it: we are going to watch all 52 episodes of the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in a single sitting (roughly 19 hours) and broadcast the entire event online. Tied in with this, we’re seeking donations/pledges for our local chapter (Dearborn County)of The Arc, a national organization dedicated to helping special needs kids and their families, in exchange for which we’re giving recognition during our broadcasted marathon on Pony awesomeness.

When is this happening?

SUNDAY AUGUST 5th to MONDAY AUGUST 6th, 2012 – starting at 11:00 Sunday night, and running through until 6:00 p.m. Monday evening.

Why the Arc, and why Ponies?

Our youngest sibling, Thomas was born with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome – a genetic condition that has resulted in him being developmentally behind. Because of this, our family became involved with the Dearborn County (Indiana) chapter of the Arc for support. So, when Christopher came up with the idea of turning our obsession with Ponies into a source of some good, helping the Arc seemed a natural choice.

As for the nature of the fund-raiser itself – that is, live broadcasting ourselves, two 20-something guys, watching 19 or so hours of a television show aimed mainly at little girls – well, that part was easy: we’ve both been intending to take the Ultimate Brony Challenge (watching all episodes of Friendship is Magic in a single sitting) for some time now, and it seemed only natural to us to try to make the event something more than just a weekend we’ll never get back/cherish forever.

Ok – so what do I get for donating?

Besides the warm fuzzy feeling you get for helping others, we’re also offering up some perks for people who have donated. For example:

  • At the $10 level, we’ll include your name in our list of donors shown on our website (coming soon), and read off during the live broadcast.
  • At the $25 level, we’ll give a shout out during the live broadcast to you, a friend, a family member – whatever you want (within reason: this is for a charity that helps kids).
  • For $50, we’ll announce you a the “sponsor” of a full episode of the show during our marathon.
  • For $100, we’ll name one of our special “counters” after you – these will display during our live broadcast and be used to keep track of events such as how many times Rainbow Dash preforms a Sonic Rainboom, how many times Spike burps, and how many times we ourselves use the bathroom. It’s just like sponsoring a scoreboard at a sports game, except that it’s pretty much totally different and there are ponies.

In addition to these fairly reasonably priced perks (and, again guys, this is for charity), we’ve also got some higher-level perks for people/groups/organizations that really want to help our charity, really love ponies, or both:

  • At the $250 level, we’ll make up a t-shirt with your name/slogan/face/logo/etc. on it and one of us will wear it during the entire live broadcast. After the broadcast, we’ll both sign it and mail it to you as a souvenir. (There’s only two of us, so only two people can get this perk – and you have to donate early for it, so we have time to make up the shirts).
  • For a donation of $1000, our brother Michael will join us for the duration of the marathon wearing a t-shirt (which we’ll send to you, signed, afterwards) with your name/logo/face/etc. on it and the announcement that you made him join us. This may seem silly, but he REALLY HATES My Little Pony, so believe us: this is worth every penny. Totally a perk for the die-hard bronie with funds to spare.
  • With a $2500 donation, we’ll name the video feed of the live broadcast after you, your company, a loved one, a pet, or whatever. Just think: anybody can get an instant reply cam for a football game, but you could have a 19 hour webcam feed of two guys you’ve never met watching animated ponies sing songs about friendship!

Last of all, we have our totally off-the-wall top level for anybody who a) really wants to help out a worthy cause, b) is willing to put a hefty chunk of money to doing so, and c) understands the deep importance of partying in life, and especially to what degree this is exemplified in the character of Pinkie Pie:

  • If any single donor give $5000 or more, we’ll do an additional bonus broadcast (not necessarily live, but it will all be released online for your viewing enjoyment), during which Christopher will go to a local tattoo parlour and get Pinkie Pie’s cutie-mark (the three balloons on her thigh) tattooed on his own upper thigh (he’ll pay for the ink-work – all of your donation will go straight to The Arc). In addition, if you wish, we’ll list you as official sponsor of his entire experience.

So whether you are a die-hard brony who can point out Derpy Hooves’ location in every episode with your eyes closed, or totally unfamiliar with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic but still interested in helping out a charity and promoting a good laugh, we’ve got a donation level that fits you!

What if I can’t donate?

Hey, we get it! Not everybody is able to donate cash – but that doesn’t mean you can’t help us out:

  • Share the campaign with your family, friends, and fellow bronies – online or in person!
  • Post about the campaign and share a link on Facebook!
  • Tweet about us on Twitter! @HelpingisMagic
  • Join us for the live broadcast in August!

One last thing – who ARE you guys?

We’re the oldest two siblings of a family with 6 kids. We’re Eagle Scouts. We’re big My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans (bronies). Christopher is a lifeguard and a B.A. (not to mention straight-A) chemistry student at Purdue University. Patrick is a freelance web geek and looking to return to school to finish his B.A. in philosophy. Christopher has painted a mural to spruce up our local town and Patrick has played a mobster in a feature-length independent film turned web series. Christopher created a spoof of said web series and Patrick has contributed to the blogging software milliBlog.

We both do the Twitter (Chris|Patrick) thing and the Facebook (Patrick|Chris) thing.

Midnight Soundstage || New Show Needs Submissions || Midnight Run MLPony Minecraft Server

We’ve still been working and here is just ANOTHER piece of our labors. Launching this Monday will be Midnight SOUNDSTAGE. A 24/7 pony radio station that’s a little different. In keeping with our belief that the community should be open and should allow even new song writers and pmv creators to share their work to everyone, ANY pony can submit their own work to play with some of the hottest pony songs to date and we will be allowing DJ’s to book times to spin some song of their choosing. Submitting your own work is easy just use the submit option at the top of the page. We hope that this will be something that everypony can and will enjoy. The page will go live at on the soundstage tab!.


Filter launching soon

We at the midnight run are pleased to announce a show where the viewers are in control. Filter. This time we’re going to cover the to 10 PMV’s of ALL Time. This is how the community will get involved. Starting today untill the 13th you can submit your favorite PMV’s to [email protected]. On the 13th we’ll tally up the score and place the top nominees into a poll which will determine the final order. On the 20th Filter will premiere with a special guest to show you what you think is your favorite. So it’s time to let your voices be heard poines. Tell us what you love!

You can submit and PMV as long as it is non clop or rule 34 related.


The Midnight Run is pleased to annouce that the Pony Minecraft Server MLPONY is NOW OPEN to the public. Former players and New players can join the server and get any updates at

Military Bronies Seeking Artistic Help

Hey guys, the military bronies here. Our new website/base of operations, FOB Equestria, is starting to take shape. But we are in dire need of some of that fancy brony art!
So we would like to reach out to the artists out there and ask if some of you could help us out with a banner for the website and our very own coat of arms/insignia/crest. The sky is the limit here guys, but the banner needs to be no more than 1000x300px big.
To give the artists a bit of inspiration and insight into what we are about, here is our mission statement:
All contributions can be sent to: [email protected]

The Brony Chronicles: First Update Video

Saber and I had an awesome time at BroNYCon and captured a ton of footage. We had a lot of very interesting interviews including some very notable names in the community and now we’re looking forward to going to Everfree Northwest to record more interviews!

Celestia Radio @ Bronycon

Everfree Roleplay

Everfree Roleplay is a slice-of-life roleplaying community. The use of a micro-blogging system (Similar to twitter in this manner) allows for sswift and fun roleplay, makig sure the website is never dull and there’s something going on. An active team of administrators and moderators make sure the users’ experience is as pleasant as possible, and attempt to recreate the simplistic and beautiful feel of Friendship is Magic. A friendly and welcoming community will make you feel at home and only make you want to return. You will be able to immerse in the world of My Little Pony thanks to simple rules of approval for characters, making sure that you never run into unpleasant original characters that do not fit the universe. Please don’t hesitate, give us a try at

BronyState Interviews Bree Faith & Nowacking

Everfree Equestria

Hay! We at Everfree Equestria ( were wondering if you might plug us to your readers? We’re a small but growing community of bronies. Many are roleplayers, some are not. We use our chat to discuss just about anything (see the rules page for info on what’s okay) and we’ll roleplay just about any scenario. We accept anypony that wants to join. Wanna be a changeling or draconequus? That’s just fine with us! Wanna be an alicorn? That’s fine too! Somepony using your favorite pony already? Go ahead and use it anyway, we don’t mind having more! Just keep the rules in mind. Our staff always try to keep a fun, fair atmosphere for everypony. And if the chat doesn’t look active, feel free to say hello anyway. Staff and members are on at varying times, but the most activity is usually weeknights and weekends.

Also, you may have seen us being flamed on the MLP Site Confessions tumblr. This was a parasprite, the owner of another site (Equestria Life, that was deliberately paraspriting and flaming other pony roleplaying sites to make them look bad to potential new members and advertisers. Please, ignore any bad press you may have seen and give us a try! We’re looking to make new friends, and we’re hoping you’ll consider helping us out!

Sincerely, the Everfree Equestria Staff Team


|[ Artwork ]|

by ~talesofthewinterborn

Rainbow Dash’s Time Trials
by ~SamuelEAllen

Derpy Hoove’s Ditzy Delivery
by ~Hazardus-Havard

by ~JoeMasterPencil


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