Derpy’s Mailbag #19

Princess Derpy by *Beavernator

It has been awhile since the mailbag has graced the front pages of our humble little site, mainly because we shelved the article way back in August 2012 when we started up our fan content sister site, This past Sunday we decided to idle that site, and thus not to ignore the creative output of the community we are planning on reviving some of our fan content features. Derpy’s Mailbag is about featuring the content that doesn’t quite fit into any of the other articles and typically features the random submissions that we receive in our inbox. In the near future you will probably see some other articles based on art, music and possibly even fanfics. Of course we don’t plan on flooding the front page, more once per week articles.

And thankfully in less than 60 days, the great post-season 3 hiatus will come to an end and we’ll all sit down and enjoy what the cast and crew of MLP has in store for us for Season 4. But for now, enjoy a few of the random things that have drifted into our inbox.

Featured in this Mailbag:

  • Bronies: The Movie
  • BUCK 2013 Oil Painting Commission
  • Equestria LA auctioning off surplus merchandise
  • 2014 Brony Herd Census seeking volunteers

Bronies: The Movie

First do not get this confused with Brony: The Movie, a documentary about the fandom featuring Ashleigh Ball. Bronies: The Movie is a short 12 minute film that features the story of a guy who is ousted as a brony by his girlfriend to his friends and family. Personal opinion this film does kind of linger on the stereotypes of the fandom, but it did hold my attention nor make me cringe. You always got to remember that a community this large involves people of all different types. The film makers currently have an indiegogo campaign going to create another episode of this series, though with only 14 days left, a goal of $4,000 dollars and only a little more than $500 raised, that may not happen. This short film was featured at BronyCan.

– DS


BUCK 2013 Oil Painting Commission

Did you see our commissioned oil painting at BUCK? Now’s your chance to own it.

For BUCK 2013, we had a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic oil painting commissioned, which stood as the centrepiece of our art gallery, in the main foyer of The Bridgewater Hall.

This is a beautiful 3′ x 4′ oil painting in a proper gilt frame, by an artist who has produced designs for the British Royal Family; collectible potteries like Wedgwood and Spode; as well as the Sheikhs of Arabia, and many of the luxury hotels across the middle east.

The artwork has been created as a personal favour (hence the low price), and has taken nearly 9 months to produce. It is called “Equestria at War” by John Eastley.

We are now looking to sell the painting to anyone who may be interested in this unique piece. We can courier it to any worldwide location (prices on request – this is a heavy piece); and the purchaser may have it mounted or unmounted (i.e. the frame removed, to save on weight).

Painting Details:
Frame: Length 1m 16.8cm, Height 86.4cm, Depth 14cm
Canvas: Length 88.9cm, Height 58.4cm
Weight including frame 17kg

Offers should start around £2,000 GBP unmounted; or £2,500 GBP mounted. You will not see a painting like this again; and its estimated cost to purchase from a professional gallery would be well in excess of £15,000 to £20,000 GBP.

Furthermore, the artist has agreed that once purchased he is willing to amend the ponies on the artwork, so if the purchaser wished to include specific OCs, then that would be included in the price.

Please note that there will be a delay of roughly 10-12 weeks before shipping as the canvas is prepared for transport.

I’m sure that we can find the right person for this wonderful piece of art.

If people are interested, they can contact us directly at [email protected]

Equestria LA Auctioning Off Surplus Merchandise

Equestria LA is clearing out some of it storage space. Miscellaneous convention merchandise such as shirts, buttons, posters, and ribbons are being auctioned off on our ebay listings. More items will be added throughout the coming weeks. Those interested can find all of our listings here:


2014 Brony Herd Census Seeks Volunteers

Hey all, Coder here!

We’re starting to ramp up for the 2014 Brony Herd Census, which will launch on January 1st. This year, we want to offer it in more languages, with better questions, and with cool artwork and more statistical analysis on the final product.

If you speak multiple languages fluently, think you can come up with interesting questions to ask the herd, like to grind stats for breakfast, or like making pretty pictures, we’d love to have your help. We’ve set up a forum for everyone to get to know each other, and so we can discuss all the ins and outs of the 2014 census.

Head on over to:

With your help, we can make to 2014 the Best Census Ever!

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    This is why I love Derpy Hooves News. It doesn’t have all the news like EQD does, but only publishes the important stuff at a rate I can keep up with.