Derpy’s Mailbag #20

Derpy’s Mailbag, that once per yearly quarter post where we feature all the creative submissions we’ve received since our last entry (last fall..).  While this is mostly pony related, we do have a couple of Wander Over Yonder related items.  If you got anything creative related to any of the shows we cover here at Derpy News, please send them in.  And now for your main course.

  • FIM Alliance Pins & Buttons Project (Indiegogo)
  • Wander Mind Me by Evdog
  • Aphylliate – Heartstrong
  • Daniel Ingram – Hearts Strong As Horses (Dj Gestap trance remix)
  • Muffins the Musical: A Derpy Hooves Song
  • Wander Cosplay at Ohayocon

FIM Alliance Pins & Buttons Project (Indiegogo)


Short Summary

We are starting a father and son venture to become quality jewelry and collectible makers.  We need a little extra funding to get the equipment we need to raise the quality of products and maintain a competitive price.  Better equipment will help us keep our prices low and provide a better end product.

In order to achieve this goal we are running a fund raising campaign based around 1 1/2″ collectible pins.  We also hope to sell the pin designs as pendants, and possibly other formats.

What We Need & What You Get

We need industrial production gde equipment.  Currently, we are using very old hobbyist grade equipment, which limits production quality and quantity.  The hobbyist grade equipment we have also has a high reject rate and a well above average post-processing time and cost compared to what we could achieve on newer equipment, which causes our prices to be higher than they could be.

Ideally, we need $35,000-50,000 (after fees and perk overhead) to get the two-three pieces of equipment we need most.  The starting goal of $5,500 for this campaign is just what we need to make the pins a reality.

By helping us reach our small business goal, you’ll receive awesome 1 1/2″ military style double clutch collectible pins and help us provide many more awesome pieces of fandom and fandom inspired original jewelry and accessories.

Wander Mind Me by Evdog

Downloads Available Here

Why isn’t there more Wander Over Yonder fan music?  I tried to give it a Pogo/PinkiePieSwear feel, but with full words and phrases, instead of just syllables and sounds.

Vocal samples are of April Winchell and Jack McBrayer from the show “Wander Over Yonder”, written by Craig McCracken & Lauren Faust, and owned by Disney.

Episodes used: The Bad Guy, The Little Guy, The Troll, The Pet.

Aphylliate – Heartstrong


Download Link

Goals in life are hindered by many journeys, fears and tasks that one may only overcome with a strong heart. Once one is ‘heartstrong’ they can overcome any obstacle before them no matter their ailment.

A song i started writing many years ago, unfortunately completely unrelated to pancakes. Maybe one day I will actually release something related to pancakes on Pancake Day.

Reworked in a week, this is the beginning of many ventures into the generic realm of trouse (trancehouse).

Got hearts? Now you have.

Enjoy your pancakes. I’m going to try some bacon with mine.

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Art by SirPayne

I sampled Hearts as Strong as Horses by © Daniel Ingram

Composed and Produced my Michael Clark MLP is a registered trademark of Hasbro.

Daniel Ingram – Hearts Strong As Horses (Dj Gestap trance remix)

Hearts Strong as Horses by Daniel Ingram is really hard thing if you wanna make something original from it. It’s result of my third attempt of a remix of this track. Two previous just turned it into a usual boring “trouse”.
Links for download mp3 (320kbps):
Wander Cosplay at Ohayocon


Hey, Derpy News!

Thank you for being an awesome source for Wander Over Yonder content! I noticed you share fan-related material and I was wondering if you could share my Wander cosplay! Here’s the Tumblr link —

I’m looking forward to future posts and thank you very much for keeping the fandom updated!


Anna AKA “mrsmercurymcbrayer”

Muffins the Musical: A Derpy Hooves Song

The Brony Song’s team returns to RELEASE THE PONY! My Little Pony’s ditzy mailmare, Derpy, finds herself in the midst of a muffin meltdown.

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