Derpy’s Mailbag: Express Mail #11

These were shipped as time sensitive. We have some recruitment flyers to hand out after the break. If you were looking for something to do in the community to help out, hopefully one of these will be what you are looking for.

First though, we have a Dutch Podcast to plug.

1. MLPotkast – ‘Cabinet with jars’

It’s a Dutch podcast that pretty much features us talking about recent brony news and things and stuff about the Dutch community, the latest episodes, and also covers music WIP’s and new tracks people brony musicians send to us. We’ve got 2 episodes online, 1 was a test episode and was only distributed through a Dropbox link and the second one was finished today and got uploaded to the wordpress site we created just a few hours ago.

We’re called ‘De Nederlandse MLPotkast’ or in short ‘MLPotkast’. Potkast is a bad, literal translation, which would translate back to English as ‘cabinet with jars’.

We’ll also show up in the iTunes Store pretty soon.

Here’s a few plugs:

The Website:

Twitter: @MLPotkast

Mail: [email protected]

Twitter: @theartrix

Twitter: @WesselMeijer

Just a friendly reminder: we are slightly NSFW because ‘rude language’, but I don’t think we’d be over PG13.

2. – Tumblr’s Vocational Death Cruise Voice Acting Recruitment

The guys in charge of this fun little project told me that they were looking for fan va’s to help with reading the comics, in character. I’m pretty sure at least. They have well over 100 contestants and a lot of people watching, so they wanted to make it as easy to get into for everyone who wants to.

There are a LOT of guidelines and information to read up on, they have the entire thing on the blog. Linked here

I was asked to highlight a couple of the more important things here:

Deadline for Auditions is March 3rd, 2012 – 11:59PM EST. We will not accept any late entries.

Sending Auditions

Please send all auditions in .mp3 format, .zip/.rar ‘d to:

[email protected]

with the email subject “(Your Name) – VDC Auditions”

Have any questions about auditions or need something clarified? Feel free to message myself or Santalestia via Skype or Email.

Bro-Pony -Voice Acting Director

Availibility – 24/7 on Skype

Skype:  l-protagonist-l

(Those are L’s by the way)



Chemiisan / Santalestia -Creator of VDC

Availibility – On Skype during weekends, answers to emails daily.

Skype:  Chemiisan

Email: [email protected]


3. Equestria Online looking for another Design Team member

Swebow nudged us and let us know about it. So here’s a copy and paste from the EquestriaOnline front page

Hello aspiring design team members!

I am in need of one additional design team member to assist with development of the systems, balance, skills, and other similar design related tasks that need completed for Equestria Online.

The recruitment process will involve 2 stages:
Stage One: Suggestions Portion. Aspiring designers must create ideas for the game, which will then be read over by the judges. 5 people will be selected out of Stage One and will move on to Stage Two. Stage one will end March 10th.

Stage Two: Each individual out of the 5 will be put in a meeting via IRC to speak with the judges. In the meeting, the individual will be developing and working on an idea for the game with the judges to test their abilities at compromising and developing reasonable ideas from a random topic selected by the judges.

If you wish to try out for the Design Team position, then go to the following link, read the directions, and make your entry for Stage One:
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