Desktop Chubbies!

PhantomDarkLover, the artist that makes the ponies in the “chubby” style as shown in the picture above has created a shimeji version with the Mane 6 in the style. Shimeji is not only a mushroom, it’s a program along the lines of Desktop Ponies.

From the tumblr post:

hi guys, so I finished the 6 mane cast Desktop chubbies a few minutes ago and tested them out, looks like they’re ready to make your desktops super adorable!

Before I link the download I would like to note some oddball things that may happen while interacting with them;

– For some reason, There is some color leaking from the lines in some areas of the chubbies (This isn’t an artistic error in creating the chubbies, I assume it’s Shimeji doing it? )

– The movement of the chubbies while grabbing them and swinging them is not perfect, this is only because this is my first time creating Shimeji anything so bare with me please :(

– Some behavior options do not work.

– For people using smaller laptops or computers, the behavior options may not show up entirely. (This was experimented with a friend of mine that uses a Netbook laptop. )

– If there are any other problems you might be experiencing with the chubbies or the ZIP file, please contact me on my DeviantART,

Here is the download:

Thanks guys! I will be having a poll soon on who you would like to have made in the next update :)

 Make sure you check out the tumblr and follow to show your support! I had issues with the .exe but the .jar worked fine for me

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    thanks, ^^ they are awesome.

  • Zazazooom

    megaupload doesn’t work anymore! D:

  • rain

    me: i can has desktop chubbies? :3
    megaupload: NO!!!
    me: 3:
    i hate u mega upload.

  • Luna

    Why doesn’t it work?

  • Zoruaboy the brony

    megaupload does not work =( upload to mediafire or zippyshare or source forge PLEASE!! ive been looking all over the place for a derpy shimeji

  • A Very Chubby Guest

    I think megaupload was owned by Anonymous 2 years ago .-.
    Mediafire PLEASE