by ~alexmakovsky

Welcome to DH’s Sunday Morning Comics, our weird attempt at having a “daily article” on a certain subject or topic. For Sunday, we’re going with the classic of morning comics (since we’re already in practice for Saturday Morning Cartoons). You will see some other articles like this during the week, we’ll have a music post, image gallery, etc. Most are is being pulled from my own DeviantArt account, I’m in many groups but feel free to poke me on dA (DerpyHoovesCentral) so I can add you to my watch list. I will make rounds to the booru sites and such.

We’re also trying the wordpress gallery, though this week its slightly derp’d. My intention is to have the images linked back to their source (much like our post image above goes back to dA), but apparently the gallery wants to keep the files local. Sorry guys, but the names under each comic can be found on dA.

  • this is a great idea. i’m excited to see these each week :]