Octavia by ~alexmakovsky

Not really pony related with the exception of the media company that produces the cartoon. DHX Media (the ‘new’ name for Studio B) is looking for Char/Prop Designers and Board Artists. You might think its crazy that they’d take someone from this community, but its happened before. Once upon a Season 1 there was a community member by the name of Glamour Kat who enjoyed the show, and now she works on the show. Obviously living near Vancouver (or willing to move) is a biggie.


[Source: Twitter]

  • Hailstorm

    If only DHX had studio(s) closer to home, I would jump on that opportunity.

  • TheLoneLampman

    If I could work on the show, I’d die relatively happy.

  • Matt

    If you’re American don’t apply. They only want/prefer Canadian artists ( Canadian content laws ) Trust me, I tried 3 times.