In a continued effort to promote the Equestria Girls brand, Hasbro Studios has spared no expense in garnering prolific talents to fulfill character roles and support production of the latest iteration of the IP, Rainbow Rocks. As announced below by Hasbro Studios, the notably-nonvocal background character, dubbed DJ PON-3 (or Vinyl Scratch), will be given speech by rock musician, Avril Lavigne (who has been a suspected fan of MLP and confirmed in the proceding quote). In addition, the soundtrack of the film will be supplemented by a song performed by Nickelback in collaboration with Lavigne.

“Hasbro Studios is happy to announce 8-time Grammy Award nominee Avril Lavigne as the voice of Fan-Favorite DJ-Pon3 in the upcoming film “Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks”. Lavigne is a Canadian rock-star, and voice actress, having previously voiced the character “Heather” in the 2006 Film “Over the Hedge”.
“I’ve been a fan of My Little Pony ever since I was a little girl,” Lavigne said, “I was so excited when I was offered the chance to play a rockstar in the new movie.”
Lavigne is married to Chad Kroeger, lead singwer of Canadian rock-sensation “Nickelback”. Nickelback has recorded a song for the film’s soundtrack, featuring a duet with Lavigne as DJ-Pon3.”

  • Jasonbres

    Very funny.

  • texasbrony

    i actually wish this was legit

    • Anonymous

      Dude, check PVL and >HN.

    • Fluidic_Ropprot

      Note that none of those sites(including this one) listed by the other replier have given us a link to the supposed press release. Instead they all link eachother’s sites. It’s a hoax for sure.

  • Jody Morgan

    I have to confess I’ve never heard any of Avril Lavigne’s songs (or Nickelback’s, for that matter; I don’t listen to much modern music), but her performance in “Over the Hedge” was surprisingly good, so I’m OK with this news.

    • Fluidic_Ropprot

      Note, no one has linked any ACTUAL press release from Hasbro. It’s VERY likely to be another April Fool’s day joke.

    • Ponichaeism

      Neither of them have any “songs”, per se.

      They have processed music-like product, derived from one-third “pop/punk chord progression” structure and two-thirds highly lucrative teenage angst.

  • Kyle

    Hmmm…I didnt know that press releases had so many grammar and spelling editors. They must have some REALLY crappy editors….


  • Anonymous