Doctor Whooves Adventures: Episode 4 Part 1

The next episode of the Doctor Whooves Adventures, from Squeak Anon & Ponyinabox Production.

Part two to the Chords of Chaos Saga, Pony of the Opera! Please enjoy! And if you do, please remember to comment.

Also if you’re feeling generous, PIAB is collecting donations for OAR, or the Organization for Autism Research help spread the friendship and help out a good cause, full info here:…

Poster’s a bit weird do to an export derp, here’s a link to the full awesomeness:
Episode 1:

Episode 2:…

Episode 3:

TV Tropes Page :
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Theme Song Download:

Also while you’re here, check out our sister show The Vinyl Scratch Tapes! Directed by the Doctor himself, Jamjar:

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