Today’s episode features 100% less driving!

And broken computers. And Guests!
Alternate Title: Plaster and Friends try to save the world.

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So yeah, that image is the lo-res version because all my work and everything I need is on my computer, which I decided I wanted to fry the motherboard of yesterday and succeeded.

This episode is drivingless! And it’s the first episode with guests! No, it’s not anyone you guys have heard of, but it’s my best bro and his little bro, we were supposed to play Sword of the Stars 2 tonight, but me wrecking my computer put a wrench in that little plan. So I was over at their place and we were talking and doing stuff and I decided to turn the mic on. I talked ponies a little bit in there, they aren’t following the show, but they know what I do and they enjoy hearing about it, afaik. Also there’s a bunch of moving around so sometimes people get quiet and that sucks.

Thank you for all the great support and wonderful, insightful comments I have received from the last episode, due to the spontaneity of this episode, I was not able to go over them but I did read and take it to heart!

Disclaimer: The guests from this episode would like you to know that all facts discussed in this episode may or may not be 100% correct and or total crap just to ward off the inevitable “your friends sound like they’re full of it”, also the opinions on this show don’t reflect the stance of the site and the news we post 99.99999% of the time. Also Nasty swear words

Discussed in this episode:

  • Apple, and $80 Billion Dollars
  • Rich People
  • Owning Seeds
  • Owning Bodies of Water and the EPA
  • Graphics Cards and Cellphones
  • New Light Fixture
  • More Cellphones
  • I finally let the cat out of the bag, pony talk starts here
  • Getting Beer by UPS
  • Talkin podcasts
  • Iron Lung and Kitties
  • HEAVY BREATHING (I have a cold, still there from last week, remember?)
  • Discussing my long standing opinions for the new people
  • Talking community with someone who doesn’t follow it
  • Site running and Advertisements
  • There is some distortion around this area, I apologize for it but I didn’t want to edit it out or scrap the whole hour
  • Game Informer letter
  • Animation in General
  • Arts!
  • Dxdiag
  • Budget Cuts and College
  • minimum wage
  • Computers
  • Hasbro’s movie projects
  • Minecraft
  • Steam
  • Internet Speeds and Caps

Driving Distracted Episode 006 by plasterisbest

  • derpymaths

    when you start to talk about ponies, you come off as some kind of seasoned veteran expert. youve got an almost scientific knowledge of ponies. i cant wait to hear you interview someone from within the community or even from the show itself! that would be interesting!

  • plaster

    I practically am! I've been following the fanbase for a year on Halloween, i've seen it all and done quite a bit of it!

  • mattyhex

    Usually you should tell people what you're going to do with a recording before you actually start recording… it's just the polite thing to do.

    I've read things about the EPA and similar bodies, did you know they pay some farmers to destroy good crops to keep the price up?

    Getting beet sounds good, I have a small plan to send you something at some point. (might email you about it at some time soonish)

    It'd be nice to have a site popular enough to get a bit of extra from, though I wouldn't dedicate my entire income to be from one website, I guess if you were to put ads on derpyhooves revenue would go to server costs or something?

    It's also good to know that the USA is having a similar problem with it's further education as the UK, that's one of the other reasons I'm not going to university (an equivalent level to your college).

    Also, I demand pictures of the cat!
    (Is that weird? It's probably weird, just ignore that.)

  • plaster

    haha i'll get you a pic of the cats. Next time i can

  • Laser Strobe

    Wow, lots of stuff in this one. I'll just say that as a trucker, I could easily fill an hour on what the EPA (and its California counterpart, CARB) has done to our industry alone in the past few years. Interesting that agency was brought up.

    P.S. How the heck did this site know to use my pony name without me assigning it when logging in via Google? That's just creepy.

  • derpymaths

    ^ its a conspiracy, bro. remember, just 'cuz you're paranoid, doesn't mean we're not out to get you ;)

  • RoboPlop

    This episode was definitely an odd one. Discussion did not center around magical ponies the entire time, which I found odd, though not entirely displeasing. (I personally really enjoyed the tech-y portions.) I don't think I would enjoy listening to random conversations every episode though.

    My number one complaint with the episode was that it was too soft most of the time. Since my car's radio doesn't have an auxiliary port, I listen directly from my ipod's speaker as I drive to class in the morning. The episode was much too soft though. Any chance you could bump it up post-production?

    Glad to hear this episode wasn't all about community drama. That stuff shoots down my pony high real quick.

    And now a question, since you asked.
    The birth of Derpy Hooves and the Bronies can be traced back to 4chan, creator of all things viral. From my limited knowledge of 4chan (I've heard too many horror stories to attempt a visit myself.), things like this survive simply because they are absurd. Do you think MLP could have grown to be the sensation it is now without 4chan? I imagine almost any other forum online would be too "sensible" to even attempt to go as far into the sparkles and sweetness as 4chan did. Yet as a result of their spelunking, we know about Twilight and her colorful cast of friends.
    Hope it provokes thought and avoids drama.
    Keep up the good work; we (your faithful listeners) enjoy it.