Pepperidge Farm remembers the last time there were leaks (as well as we had actual news). So this apparently happened. For the benefit of those who wish not to be spoiled and prefer to view future MLP and EqG content on proper linear and digital platforms, please do not spoil any leaks. You will be targeted and you will be subject to the scorn of many within the fandom.

The reality is that we do not know for sure when and if Friendship is Magic will end and when and if there will be a 5th generation of the toys. All we know is that the Equestria Girls shorts are running every Friday on YouTube and that an eighth season of FiM is coming up presumably in the Spring. Oh, and the comics are also running as well both with the main series and the “Legends of Magic” series.

We understand how these rumors spread like wildfire and we in the pony media struggle with the resources to quell these rumors. That said, we need to report the facts as they become available as there is nothing alternative to that. If you come across a leaked episode or future project related to MLP, please be discrete and don’t spoil it for everyone. We understand it is impossible to stop every single leak, but what we can control is how they are distributed.

As always, it is the policy of this website that no reviews of episodes of either MLP or Steven Universe will be done until the episode airs on TV. (NOTE: We would like it very much if you want to review Star vs. the Forces of Evil!) MLP has been a very fun ride and continues to be. We do not want to see that ruined by the behavior of miscreants or someone recklessly distributing leaked content that many people put in tons of hours of effort to make for a general audience. So if you don’t want to risk the scorn of the fandom, please be discrete when coming across what might be leaked material and do not spoil it for the rest of us. Thank you.

On a side, yes, there is a reboot of Littlest Pet Shop coming up and the previews from YouTube have been hit or miss (read: Will there really be more than Bev in this reboot?) The Equestria Girls shorts have been of a better quality and any changes to that franchise have been much more subtle than they were with Monster High to the point where you feel EqG have won this battle by default while Mattel somewhere thought Monster High fans had the memory of goldfish.


  • Ninten Cano

    I feel really sad with this news.
    Well everything has to end…
    Thanks for your words StatManDan.

  • Shelltoon

    Well to be fair, the EqG redesigns and what not kind of had to happen as it really did feel too much like a “me too” thing with Monster High doing it well, but now we’re seeing that EqG has become a better thing, and Monster High is now the “me too” in some ways… HOW WE’VE COME FULL CIRCLE.

    On the G5 stuff, meh. If it’s real or not, I’ll hold back my judgement until something more tangible, like a trailer, episode clip, or full episode gets out there. I’m not one to press panic buttons anymore.

  • The leaks are rather tiresome and I hope they catch the person and deal with him/her accordingly.

    MLP is a fun ride and I’ve enjoyed every step of the way. If it ain’t for MLP I wouldn’t have met some of my closest friends who I’ve grown to love. If the information is true and this current generation of MLP is ending soon I will be sad but it’ll also be a new beginning for new characters for all of us to get to kno and love all over again.

  • Raffaele Lanza

    I’m happy to see that unlike I feared, Hasbro will not overmilk FiM to death. Andif they are gonna end the series with the S9 I personally believe it’s for the best.

    I originally was not gonna watch any post S7/Movie seasons, but if MLP will HAVE a proper ending soon, then I have a change of mind, so I’ve decided to watch the last remaining seasons.