#EFNW Coverage – Finding Your Voice & Cutie Mark Crusaders Panels

by =AeronJVL

And so we come to the close of our Everfree Northwest coverage, though I’ll note I’m sure half of this week or more will probably be dedicated to the outside coverage that’ll slowly leak to the public as other media outlets write stories and reports on the event. All in all it seems everything went off without a hitch, a few issues but its not a true convention until there are issues (minor things like over crowding on panels, waits in lines and a fumble or two). Nothing caught on fire (though a plug over at the WLF booth seems to have started smoking for no reason) and no major incidents cited.

In this post we have the last two panels to the convention, the Finding Your Voice panel with the show’s VAs on Sunday, and of course the Cutie Mark Crusaders panel. I know probably by Wednesday we’ll also have some coverage from the boys at Bronyville Podcast who got the chance to sit down with Andrea Libman and then the Cutie Mark Crusaders before the close of the convention.

As for Everfree Northwest, it was announced during the closing ceremonies that EFNW 2013 was already being planned, and will take place on July 5th through the 7th in about the same location (I believe they pointed out to the larger convention center across the street). Good work guys.

On a semi-unrelated note, over the weekend and half way around the world was BUCK, the British Pony Convention. A few people have pointed out that we were not covering this event, but as I pointed out the only thing we’ve actually covered from EFNW was relaying these panel videos to the general public. The event was also livestreamed by Everfree Radio, so I would suspect they will release videos in the next few days. We do plan on doing a write up for them at some point in the next week.

Finding your Voice (Va Panel)

Cutie Mark Crusaders Panel

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