Final Draft and Crescendo of Everfree Radio recently sat down with Ashleigh Ball (Rainbow Dash / Applejack). Interview runs about 25 minutes, hopefully we can get some notes for you non-watchers later on tonight. Also don’t forget to give Ashleigh’s band Hey Ocean some love. Interview video after the page break.!/heyoceanband

  • Anonymous

    On one side we’ve got worse porn than the sonic fandom, blogs dedicated to characters shitting themselves, and on the other we beep out “ass” in interviews.

    • TheLoneLampman

      You seem quite bitter. We can’t stop people from doing what they’re going to do, but is that any reason to stop trying to put a more respectable effort towards things that may be viewed by a younger audience?
      The ‘bad’ side of things will always be there. If you disagree with them, don’t bring light to them. Focus the attention to the ‘good’ parts instead and you’ll actually be accomplishing something you wanted to do all along.

    • Nah, we don’t beat the sonic fandom until someone makes a life sized pony with wooden bones…

      As for Everfree Radio, they regulate a PG rating over their material.