Elements of Charity II

Tune in to three hours of Michelle Creber and other amazing guests, all in support of the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser! Afterwards, the livestream will segue into a 24-hour gaming marathon, also with many well-known guests!

Friday, 9 p.m. EDT (Saturday, 1 p.m. UTC) on EverFree Radio

In addition to Seeds of Kindness, the stream also promotes Tara Strong’s Kiki Treatment Fund.

Seeds of Kindness is raising funds for a clinic in Uganda and a village and new home for street children in Burundi, and soon also for a Tanzanian and a Ugandan orphanage! During the stream, an open thank-you letter to the community from Lisa Wiese will be broadcast. Lisa Wiese is the first chair of the Your Siblings charity.

From the EverFree Radio announcement:

EverFree Radio will host the kickoff for the second semi-annual twenty-four hour Elements of Charity “rage gaming” marathon. Three hours after airing on EFR, it will continue on their own livestream and EFR’s stream and proceed into Saturday. The stream will feature the “worst” games known to mankind being played so you all can enjoy the suffering of the player!

This time around, the charity is raising funds for not only Seeds of Kindness but also the Support Kiki’s Treatment Fund supported by Tara Strong and something about a brony attacked by changelings? There will be $250 in giveaway prizes, including a Twilight Sparkle signed by Tara Strong. In addition, well-known bronies, representatives from several conventions, and surprise guests will be there!

Donate to unlock games to play, and join us all for some fun and prizes! Go here for a list of prizes and games that will be played.

To tune in, use one of the following links:

Combined Viewer, use the video player on the right/bottom. Also includes IRC web client.
Livestream, direct link to our Livestream.

To use your IRC client of choice, connect to our channel at irc.canternet.org #EverfreeRadio.