Enterplay has come out with some special promotional lunchbox tins that each contain 3~ TCG card packs, a CCG booster, and a Promo for each! more information below!

 Each tin comes with its own Promo card in both CCG and Trading Card. For example, Twilight gets a Twilight Promo CCG card, and the trading card variety Promo. Twilight specifically is a Hot Topic exclusive.

Rarity has her own tin as well, coming stock with her variety of promotional cards. She hasn’t been spotted yet, but has been stated to be an exclusive to Target.

Last but not least, Princess Luna, the one that has been the first to show herself, comes with her own promotional cards, exclusive to Wal-Mart.

Each of these CCG cards (not including the booster packs, Sorry guys!) are previews of cards to be in set 2, Canterlot Nights, so do not worry if you can’t get a tin. However, it’d be nice for those who want set completion!

Check back soon for more information on CCG and future events!