Enterplay posted some Toy Fair images this morning. New items are below.

The mane 6 tin will be out in May. No word if it will contain series 1 or 2 cards or if there will be a special “exclusive” card inside.

Series 2. They’ll be in single packs, 30 pack display boxes, a “value pack” of 3 packs bundled together and a “super pack” of 15 cards (seen in back). Again, these will be out to the public in April, with a special “prerelease” at Big Apple Ponycon. They will most likely contain information throughout seasons 1-3, as Twilight is an alicorn on one of the packages.

Very rough prototypes of dog tags. Each pack would contain two random tags, from what the sign seems to say. Enterplay already has this as a product for other intellectual properties. The Angry Birds one contains a tag, two stickers, a chain and a collector’s list; the Transformers dog tags contain one tag, a long chain, a short chain, a silencer, a tattoo card and a sticker.

  • Fett101

    So sick of Derpy being treated as a second class pony. So sad that she’s nameless as far as Hasbro cares.