I know a lot of you have been looking for this, and now you can go out and buy it. Celestia Wants Me For a Sunbeam on Ponychan found one at their local Walmart for $9.98.

The box contains a single back of series 2 cards, a poster listing all the series 2 cards, a promo Fluttershy card and an exclusive Fluttershy sticker. Only one card pack is disappointing, but the release of this means that the card packs should be out any day now, if not already at your local store.

  • Ashley

    The box comes with a pack of cards that is in a clear package, and it has series 1 cards, the only card that is in the set that is from series 2 is the Fluttershy promo. The poster does not have a series 2 check list it has a series one check list, with an ad at the bottom talking about series 2 will be coming out.