MLP CCG Cards with a hand. Hand not included.

MLP CCG cards with a hand. Hand not included.

As you probably already have heard, Enterplay has a new card game up its sleeves. This time, it’s the same card collecting as before but with Magic-infused battles with other players and building the best deck of cards. Gen Con has been showing off these cards to con-goers in Indianapolis; however, we now have a video by user Mustachio Extraordanaire from the Midwest Brony Devision showing off and explaining the basic mechanics of how the game works. Check out the video after the break for all the details!

  • MultiBaller

    I can’t say I’m satisfied with how Enterplay has handled the collectable cards. It feels like there are too many exclusives that rely on people with time and money to get to premium conventions, leaving people who want to be more involved in the collector community either paying for other’s trips ($600 cards? heh…) or just having gaps in their binders.

    WotC has done exclusives for winning tournaments and even for participating, but I’ve never felt like I couldn’t participate in collecting base sets. So far I’ve skipped Set 2, and I’m looking at this game to collect, but I won’t be jumping into this one so eagerly.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear, someone is going to bother CR about reviewing this when it comes out and the storm of fecal matter that results will astound!