Lots of you have been asking me for these, so here you go! Images are from aradiadiane and arcgunner on eBay.

Long post with lots of images after page break. Explanations of images included.

Pinkie Pie Big Apple Ponycon promo card. Back text is basic info on PP.

Fluttershy promo card and sticker that comes with the Fluttershy box.

Base character cards and pet cards. Derpy has a basic card, but doesn’t have a name.

Villain cards and base Bon Bon, which seems to be trademarked. We can see how to spell Ahuizotl now, at least!

These look like the stickers that are supposed to come with the packs. The “harmony” design is really cute.

Moments of friendship cards and special item cards, a new section. They include artifacts and unique items in Equestria. They include flavor text about them as well.

Base cards of the main characters, with new arts and card designs.

Foil versions of the same cards. You can see that Celestia and Luna share a card this time around.

Standees this time around are villains.

There’s filly versions of each mane 6 members. They’re all images from getting their cutie marks, though Rainbow Dash is hanging out with rainbow Dad in her image.

Unique/rare items cards. Includes the crystal heart, zap apples and the alicorn amulet.

Moments of friendship. I’m seeing scenes from all three seasons here.

Background characters. Little Granny Smith has a unique color scheme since she’s in sepia to signify a moment in the past. Discord has his own thing going on, since it’s Discord.

Base characters. Crackle!

Gold cards, including one of AliTwi.

Puzzle of Wife Toss. I’m not sure what the missing image is, as the top image only shows 8 cards but the bottom shows the entire 9 piece puzzle.

Of course, we don’t have images of every single card, especially foil versions of base cards and promos that haven’t been released yet. We’ll learn what every single card is once we get a hold of an official card list.

Again, these cards will come out to stores near you in 2-3 weeks. If you have to have them now you can check out eBay et al.

  • Gorgeous! I want all of them! <3

  • Jody Morgan

    So, no card of Hayseed Turnip Truck yet?