One Wet Magician by 0particle

One Wet Magician by 0particle

Wow, another season 3 episode via Zap2it, so far unfortunately without synopsis. (Hence no break.)

What’s up with S03E04?

Title: Magic Duel

Update: Strangely enough, several commenters report not being able to access the Zap2it source. The page continues to work for me, however. Below the break a screenshot of how it appeared to me as of 2012-10-24 15:51Z. It is also listed in the episode guide.

Zap2it screenshot

  • jeremy

    Where can I find this info? There are no links in the desc.

    • Hmm? Zap2it. It’s linked above. (And that’s not UGC.)

      • jeremy

        It says, “We’re sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found. Are you looking for one of these?”
        Or did you just hear of it? I was just wondering if I could read the info personally.

        • Are you using a smartphone? The Zap2it website is pretty derpy in mobile browsers in my experience, but the link works for me (in Chromium).

          • jeremy

            I just used my my phone, Chrome, and Opera. Still nothing.

          • jeremy

            I also looked on the zapit website for MLP. I only see season 3 episodes 1-3

  • Not working for me either (pc, firefox).

    • Now it’s working… fishy, 3rd of december is a Monday.

  • Evenprime

    Seems like they took the information down. It was likely not intentional that it got released in the first place.

    Searching for MLP:FiM also only shows Season 3: Ep. 1-3

  • Anonymous

    It’s still working for me

    • Thanks! I made one too and added it to the post.

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  • Ookami the Wolf 1

    This would seem the most likely place for Trixie to reappear.

  • aperture_tech

    Why can’t Seth just go to bed?

    • Anonymous

      Why can’t you grow up?

  • Quiet Desperation

    Trixie versus Twilight would be the best gift for the holidays