Twilight Knackered Time WIP by Tim015

Twilight Knackered Time WIP by Tim015

Again we have a fresh episode announcement without synopsis.

Slightly rumory, but I think Zap2it is mostly reliable.

Title: Spike at Your Service (S03E10)
Date: December 29, 2012 (Saturday)
Source: Zap2it

U-verse (sourced FYI Television) has also published new synopses for the Season 3 premiere. They contain little new information, but …

Find them after the break.

… it seems the Crystal Kingdom is running the risk of disappearing again. That’d be a bummer.

Synopsis of The Crystal Empire, Part 1:

Northern Equestria’s Crystal Empire has once again made an appearance after being afflicted with a curse that made it vanish for 1,000 years, and Princess Celestia commissions Twilight Sparkle to keep the empire from disappearing again.

Synopsis of The Crystal Empire, Part 2:

After Princess Celestia commissions her to keep Crystal Empire from vanishing again, Twilight Sparkle realizes that she must find the missing Crystal Heart in order to restore the empire’s strength and reputation before it can disappear again.

And the newly obligatory screenshot:
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S03E10 Zap2it

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