by *johnjoseco

Poor Scootaloo, maybe her father was a Dodo bird? One of the big discussions with the show, how Pound Cake at one month can fly versus Scoots who has yet to fly. As always, its a cartoon (one we love to discuss and pick apart). Personally think of other things we have seen, everyone develops at a different pace, while Rainbow Dash was pulling off a Sonic Rainboom, Fluttershy was barely getting off the ground and even fell from Cloudsdale.

Going with our weekly articles, the Aftershock article is about showcasing all the artwork that comes out from an episode. This week, people have been cake crazy and we got 30 pieces to display. Also found a way to link back to the artist’s dA, images are still hosted on the blog, but clicking their name will bring you to their dA account.

Sources for this article: DeviantArt / Ponibooru / Bronibooru.

  • dew

    scootaloo flew in cutie pox

    • It was more like hovering, and only for like 2 seconds. That said, there is *nothing* in the canon that tells us she can’t fly. Maybe she just doesn’t fly on screen because her two best friends can’t fly, so there’s no point?

      Although Lauren did suggest that she can’t fly yet and/or is disabled somehow: